Jonty Fisher

April 22: Overcoming apathy

When South Africa goes to the polls in the general election on April 22, it will be one of the most interesting days in South Africa’s political history. In undoubtedly the most highly contested election since 1994, the stakes are markedly high and the election will give a hugely important signal into the next two…

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Lekota: new dawn or false dawn?

Mosiuoa Lekota’s moves over the past week have been very interesting to follow, but his future remains very much a murky mist. While it would be fantastic for our longer-term democratic foundation, there are two key issues that dampen my optimism about Lekota’s new party. The first is that this is a party very much…

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Zuma brinkmanship takes hold

The recent reports of Mbeki’s alleged misdemeanours in the Sunday Times, along with the elevated rhetoric from those in the Zuma camp over the last week, have surprised and rightly concerned many. Rumours of Mbeki’s involvement in the arms deal have been whispered and deliberated in the corridors of ANC power for some time now,…

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The arms deal: The defining spectre of our past decade in politics

The current transitional phase that’s playing out within the ANC and, by consequence, in South Africa has led me — along with most political commentators — to look both back at the past decade in politics and governance and forward to our near-term future as a country. In doing this, it becomes immediately apparent what…

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Pandor(a)’s pledge

The current reaction to Naledi Pandor’s youth pledge is another in a long line of negativity that seems to be infesting the white population at present. There seems to be this constant knee-jerk reaction of intense negativity that should not continue unchecked. Rational thought has to prevail in the face of seemingly mindless Pavlovian response….

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The arms deal may yet take down more than one president

One interesting development out of Monday’s ANC NEC meeting was the announcement of an ad-hoc committee that will produce a “detailed structural report” on the 1999 arms deal. This has supposedly been brought to bear given the lack of detail of the facts surrounding the arms deal and the role of the ANC president, Jacob…

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Zuma’s in. What now?

It seems to me that the Polokwane conference has been like a newsprint and analysis vortex, sucking in all commentary into an incessant stream of words around a central thesis of “Will he or won’t he?” Well, now we all know the answer to that question, and we need to drag ourselves out of Polokwane…

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A return to realism

I’ve been in the US on holiday for the past few weeks, and although I’ve kept a distant eye on things from overseas, I am interested to note the distinct rise in political tension since my departure, drawn from the regional voting for the succession nominations. Funnily enough, it mirrors some aspects of what is…

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Ready for a new national identity

It strikes me that we are at present a country desperately in need of its national identity. During apartheid, South Africa was defined as such. Then came the “miracle years” of Madiba and 1994, and the next decade we held a national identity of the celebratory freedom of the rainbow nation. But this period is…

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Can suicide bombings be rational?

I’ve always considered suicide bombings somewhat of a human anomaly. Yesterday, there was an attempted suicide bombing assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto immediately after her return from eight years of exile. There are already 124 fatalities, and this is expected to climb. Bhutto herself was uninjured. But it brought me to a…

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