Jess Auerbach
Jess Auerbach

Oy vey, I recant!

Okay, wow, several lessons learned! I apologise to those in the blogging community whom I have mortally offended, by all means keep my post as a prime example of what not to do as an introductory text and show it to your friends and admirers with glee. Having never done anything like this in the past, I had no idea that people would care so much. Duly noted.

The roman numeral thing made me laugh — I wrote that text far too quickly and without enough sleep. I had meant to say roman script, not numerals. No doubt my primary school maths and writing teachers would hang their heads in shame if they came upon this. The fault is all mine, however, and not that of those poor long-suffering ladies. A friend sent me the following link to this cartoon which gave me much-needed insight into the internet world: — thanks for caring, guys.

Anyway, the purpose of that text was to introduce the seminar series at UCT and to see what happens when one writes online. Now that I have a sense of it, I will be more careful and more focused and perhaps write things that interest rather than annoy.

This coming weekend sees quite an unusual conference taking place at UCT called Students in/and Community? it aims to interrogate the role that students at UCT play in the broader Cape Town region, whether positively or negatively. It looks at so-called “outreach” activities, the curriculum that is taught within the university and the motivations that drive so-called “student activism” — July 24-26 at the Hiddingh Campus — those interested can email [email protected]