Jen Thorpe
Jen Thorpe

Spam — not just a scary type of ham

You won’t believe what I’ve won this week. I’ve never been so lucky. I couldn’t believe it. My Karma cow finally moo’d into the pasture outside my house bringing with it a host of winnings and good fortune. This week I have simultaneously won the American Green Card Lotto, the Coca-Cola Lotto, the UK National Lotto and someone from Nigeria died and left me their fortune. Lucky me.

Who writes this stuff? And more importantly how can it be such a lucrative trade that people keep writing it. I heard that some brainiac in Benoni sent gazillions of rand over a period of years to a scam, only to be surprised that her lotto winnings never came her way. Seriously? Who believes this nonsense?

Since I started my writing project in February and put my email address for the project on the site I have received non-stop spam and mails about various products, which I assume are based on the diverse content of my project. I guess when you have a project that speaks about masturbation, death, marriage, menstruation and abortion you are bound to get a pick n mix of interesting things sent your way.

We all get spammed at one stage or another, even if it is by our friends and family members. So I was wondering what sort of spam you receive? Have you ever responded? Just so you know Mike Cassey, Harrison Martin, Mr Uche Davids, Mrs Inga-Britt Ahlenius, Juliet Isaacs, Johnson Kwame, and Mrs Helen White — I will not be responding to your mail. I think you should keep your fortune for yourself. Enjoy it!