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Charlie’s crazy, Kuli’s crazy, Gaddafi’s crazy — we’re ALL crazy

It’s been going around. Even Barack Obama is crazy. Instead of sending Libya’s hallucinating leader some anti-psychotics, he accuses him of delusions of grandeur and strategically positions his navy close-by ready to fight craziness with craziness. That’s crazy. The same type of crazy Pravin Gordhan must be if he thinks we’ll stop partying if he keeps increasing sin tax. JZ is clearly crazy if he thinks declaring 2011 job creation year creates a single job and then there’s Kuli Roberts who succumbed to completely crazy — the worst kind. She’s joined by Jimmy Manyi who is currently going through a crazy time defending the bad crazy he had a while ago. Crazy knows no gender, race or creed and makes no exceptions. Crazy is screaming “Fuck!” at the Oscars and “Bomb!” on a plane. It’s expecting every ATM to work, every day to be good, everyone to be friendly. Crazy is having only one police commissioner in jail, one eye on the rugby and one chop on the fire. It’s filling your tank with petrol and having 20 pillows on the bed. For every crazy action there is a wilder, even crazier action. Having gin for breakfast is crazy. Having it for lunch even crazier. Telling the people of Joburg they’re living on a lake of acid is crazy. Telling them not to worry about it is even crazier. The weather is crazy. Traffic is crazy. Work is crazy. People who put bottles of water on their lawn — they’re crazy. Crazy is not confined to space and time, it moves with us wherever we go. At any point in the day you will be surrounded by one or more crazy people. The IT guy? Schizo. Glenda in accounts? Bipolar. Your boss? OCD (you probably already knew that one). Crazy is not so much an illness as it is a state of mind though. It’s the little voice in your head speaking freely. Crazy buys booze before the rent is paid, thinks the Proteas will win the World Cup, walks through Woodstock late at night, is writing this blog. Charlie Sheen is crazy. Deliriously, beautifully, poetically crazy. Charlie’s crazy is the sort that never quits — a pure, unadulterated crazy. The self-same crazy raged inside Napoleon, Edison and Noah. Relentless crazy that doesn’t bother with questions yet has all the answers. Crazy that got us where we are today. Crazy with perspective. Crazy that makes you go, “I’m crazy? YOU’RE crazy”. That’s the best kind. The crazy inside all of us.