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Twenty websites to spark your creativity

Every now and again I find myself low on creativity and in need of some inspiration. The thing with creativity though is that you can’t force it on. Instead, you need to feed it with “creative fuel” (random stimuli) and eventually your AHA! moment takes place.

I’ve listed below some websites that I often visit to spark some of my own right brain activity. Which ones do you go to?

  • Digg and Popular: Let’s agree on one thing — the Digg and community are genius when it comes to finding the most interesting, creative news on the internet. These sites should be visited, if only for a few minutes, each day to see what people are talking about.
  • Flickr Interesting: I love photography. So much can be captured and most importantly interpreted from one single moment. It’s a no wonder then that I like Flickr’s collection of best images. If you too find inspiration from photography be sure to also check out FFFFound.
  • One of my favourite full-time bloggers Jason Kottke celebrated ten years on the blog scene in March and continues to post interesting, creative content.
  • StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon is a powerful community-driven tool that lets you discover new websites and should therefore be used on a daily basis for sparking your creative juices. I’m amazed at how many websites I find that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Be warned; it’s addictive!
  • Computerlove: Part blog part social network, Computerlove features the work of talented designers and artists that will definitely rouse your creativity. Also check out Bauldoff and Swissmiss.
  • How to Change the World: If, like me, you’re a marketer at heart then Guy Kawaski’s blog is a must. Full of super ideas and advice, it’s a daily must read. So is Seth Godin’s blog.
  • SpringWise: As an entrepreneur and consultant I’m always on the lookout for the latest trends and ideas that I can share with myself and/or my clients. With 8 000 spotters across the globe, SpringWise delivers inspiring and practical business ideas that we can all learn from.
  • Twitter: I follow a variety of people on Twitter and am often on the receiving end of inspiring tweets from across the globe. The more I use Twitter the more uses I find for it.
  • 43 Things: To be successful, you need to set goals. 43 Things helps you out by allowing you to view other people’s goals and dreams. If you’re feeling stuck, be sure to give this website a visit.
  • Behance: This website is all about making things happen using creative means. It features interviews and tips across a number of fields to help make creative leaders out of all of us. I also quite like their creative showcase.
  • Webupon: Webupon is a good resource of some of the best articles related to the internet, most of which are packed with great ideas. Great resource.
  • Moleskin Project: I love this brand of notebook. While I don’t use them to doodle, I do like their website which promotes artists’ work and ideas. Some incredible stuff.
  • Gaping Void: Sometimes art, or in this case doodles behind business cards, has a way of stimulating creativity, and Hugh McLeod is a genius at what he does. Be sure to also read his post on How to be Creative.
  • 43 Folders: I’ve been following Merlin Mann for years now. Through 43 Folders Merlin shares tricks to help improve our personal productivity and subsequently do our best creative work in its various forms.
  • Drawn: Dubbed the Illustration and Cartooning blog, Drawn’s group of professional illustrators, designers and cartoonists do a good job of inspiring creativity through their content. Visiting this site is like taking a mini vacation.
Happy bookmarking.