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Gavin Foster

Posts published by “Gavin Foster”

Durban photojournalist Gavin Foster writes mainly for magazines. His articles and photographs have appeared in hundreds of South African, American and British publications, and he's also instigated and researched stories for Carte Blanche.

Winner of the Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa PICA Profile Writer of the Year Award in 2008.

South African Guild of Motoring Journalists Motorcycle Journalist of the Year (Magazines) 2015/16/17.

South African Guild of Motoring Journalists Motorcycle Journalist of the Year (Overall) 2015/16.

South African Guild of Motoring Journalists Motorsport Journalist of the Year (Magazines) 2017 - Runner-Up 2015/16.

So what exactly DID happen?

A thought for the day: When the First World War ground to a halt exactly 100 years ago, Germany was heavily penalised financially. Financial reparations…

Sophie’s Choice

Fathers’ Day is fast looming and for this first-time grandfather the excitement is overwhelming. Surely grandfathers deserve grand presents? How will little Sophie know what…

A Buzz, a Whiz, a Cloud of Dust..

“A buzz, a whiz, a cloud of dust, A wild blood-curdling yell, A ghastly object floating by, Then silence – and a smell!” (Poem on…

On idiots and aliens

So, how many of you have ever been abducted by aliens? I first realised I might have been when I googled “aliens” after hearing that…

Give your car a hug

So here we are, little more than a century later, and the car is as welcome in every home as the chamber pot was before…

Lost causes

Okay, I might as well get it out in the open. I’m a loser. Luckily, most of the things I misplace turn up somewhere, sometime,…