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‘Someone pushed it into my pocket’

I just had to laugh! Australian Rugby kicking coach and former rugby league star Andrew Johns was arrested this week in London for possession of an Ecstasy tablet. The unlucky bugger got caught in a random search by London police.

The part that had me in hysterics, though, was the spin-doctoring by Johns’s management who claimed that someone had slipped the pill into his pocket at a crowded London entertainment venue. Yeah sure! As I read the story on, I was shocked that Johns’s management actually thought that their version of events would fly.

Rednik summed it up with his comment following the story; “Haaa haaa, heee. Excuse me, let me wipe the tears from my eyes, ‘Man pushed the tablet into my pocket …’ HAAAAAAA, HEEEEE.”

Knersboy said: “Man, the dealers are getting generous, eh.”

But my favourite had to be Katman with: “Oi vey … Luckily he didn’t trip on the stairs and have it pop out his jeans and fall into his mouth. That would be a right kerfuffle.”

I just knew that this had to be my first post for this new sports blog I have dubbed Foul Snooker. Something was foul indeed. The next day as I sat to draft this, I returned to to get the link and discovered that Johns had finally seen some sense and had admitted that the pill was there for personal use (of course it was).

He admitted that he was going to take the pill, “for sure” and that he was using drugs to “escape from the pressure”.

The fallout is that Johns gets away with a slap on the wrist and the Australian rugby team, who have been rocked by a number of scandals of late, have now sacked their kicking coach. As for Johns’s management, well, thanks for the laughs, guys.


  • Lloyd Gedye

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