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Jobs now more popular than sex

I recently had a look at Google Trends and noticed that jobs have now finally overtaken sex as the most searched term in South Africa.

Google trends monitor what people search for on Google in South Africa. This information is displayed over time and provides an insight into current affairs.

In the graph below, the blue line shows the search volume for sex, while the red line reflects the number of searches for jobs.

Link to view

With all the economic turmoil, it is no wonder that people are concerned and it shows in what they are searching for on Google.
According to Solidarity, a leading trade union, 32 companies were already retrenching about 22 000 employees. They estimate that a further 310 000 jobs are on the line.

We at ClickMaven have noticed that some of our clients’ internet marketing campaigns deliver job seekers enquiries. This illustrates that job seekers are not finding the information they are looking for and then resort to using more traditional communication channels.

I urge employers to leverage the internet to advertise and fill positions; it is very easy to start and is cost-effective. Those with limited internet marketing resources can easily use or CareerJunction.