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Thought Leader is a catalyst

My understanding is that this new online blogging site is not an elitist project but instead aims to engage with and draw into its conversations all readers of the paper and in fact more and more citizens of this country.

This country urgently needs to develop many more strong, independent and critical thinkers, not only in politics but in all facets of life.

We need fresh and challenging insights and perspectives and the courage to confront, examine and think through the many problems we face in this country, in an open, honest and self-critical manner.

No stone must be left unturned and no idea, belief or person beyond critical scrutiny.

Thinking is not some special preserve or capacity only a select few have, but we can all learn to be better thinkers by reading more, acquiring more knowledge, engaging each other and, perhaps most importantly, daring to think what some may think is unthinkable. It is such thinking that has a vital role to play in forging the brave new world we want, free of poverty, hunger, preventable diseases and homelessness.

The contributors to this site only serve the purpose of acting as catalysts for the many important public conversations and debates we urgently need. Therefore only through the engagement of readers with our thoughts can we grow this site and only through constructive, analytical and critical thinking — between readers and contributors and among contributors — can we begin to think and find solutions to our problems.