Dumi Magadlela

Non-performing civil servants: Scratching the real itch

I generally choose to steer clear of issues that directly attack the persons and characters of political figures. Leadership, however, by its very nature, is inherently both political and personal. The issue of the ANC planning to force senior officials, including ministers, to sign performance contracts with the party drew me into the ring on…

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In tackling service delivery, skills challenges, skin tone matters … not

Skills wise, what have you really given to your country lately? Are you the serving or the grabbing kind? How would you know? What is the little voice inside telling you?  Next time you turn on a light, a water tap, flush the toilet and take out the trash, remember this: you are part of…

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Looking for new mindsets … and heart-sets

It feels strange coming back onto Thought Leader and reading some of these fascinating blogs after an absence of almost a year. Still picking on the poor politicians I see, and still stressing the superficial differences as if our lives depended on it. December 16th is a South African public holiday. We celebrate Reconciliation Day….

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(Mis)understanding ubuntu: A reply

The concept of ubuntu has been bandied about quite freely and mostly carelessly by writers who associate the term with the language in which it often appears. Ubuntu is bigger, broader and deeper than its Nguni “appearance”. I do not recall ever reading or hearing anyone say that ubuntu means that black people are morally,…

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Mentoring and coaching in diversity

Different versions of mentoring and coaching have been around for centuries as forms of skills transfer and passing along valuable trades from older members of society to the younger generation. Experiential on-the-job training comes a long way as a form of education and skills transfer. It is only recently, as late as the 1960s, that…

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It’s resonant leadership, silly

Too late to be part two of the “IQ is dead” piece The recent intense discussions about leadership on Thought Leader speak volumes about our diverse understandings of what leadership really is. There seems to be as many different views about what leaders are expected to be and do as there are readers out there….

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IQ is dead!

Part one: Emotional Intelligence 101 The one thing that tickles me endlessly on Thought Leader is the creativity in mixing serious issues of national concern with rib-cracking humour. I find some of the humour deliciously irreverent, and often laced with allegedly life-changing “lessons” and self-deprecating tips on how to cope with crap from fellow humans,…

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Rigours of reconciliation: An inside job

I’m still relatively new to the blog scene. My first posting on ubuntu leadership had quite a number of spicy responses. I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I decided to let the comments be. Although I was itching to write back, I decided to stick to the fact that the purpose of the…

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Foreign flags on rear-view mirrors: more messed-up-identities

Someone please tell me what is “so cool” about having an American or British flag in your car dangling from your rear-view mirror day in, day out? No, I have nothing against those two former great powers. I think some people need help knowing who they are. Why are you wearing another country’s flag as…

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Who are you? Changing identities and un-belonging

There is a disturbing “crisis of identity”, especially among young South Afrikans today, and it cuts across ethnic groups, racial categories, social and economic classes. Questions of belonging abound among a generally disconnected people, right around and possibly within you. People ask: Who am I? Where do I fit in? What do my clothes, car,…

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