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Twitter won’t give you Aids but…

Twitter is not the healthiest of habits. It sucks hours. It sucks days. It requires dedication. It requires long stretches of inactivity. It makes you lie to yourself. It makes you tell yourself that you are learning something by continuously refreshing your feed to read the latest article or tweet from such and such opinion leader.

It takes you away from life. And life’s pursuits. The avid users of the medium will claim this is not true. But if you believe them, it is a bit like taking advice from a crack addict on the virtues of smoking rocks. There are very few, if you are wondering.

I stopped using twitter about five weeks ago. I have been more productive, more engaged in the world around me, and I am slowly making progress on my novel. Currently I am struggling with a bit of dialogue between characters, but at least I am not struggling to keep up with the tweets.

I’ve heard social media helps create revolutions, but I also think it stops many more. Personal revolutions, societal revolutions, all put on hold because everyone’s having one-way conversations with themselves, rather than engaging with real humans.

I don’t know how long I will be able to stay on the wagon, but I am enjoying the fresh air.