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Darren Smith

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Darren thinks that in the world of The Long Tail, 'Niche is Nice'.

Actually, he thinks 'Niche' really rocks.

Darren is a fundi on B2B media, technology stuff, and does things like hit small white balls, jump off cliffs and out of aeroplanes, ride bikes on occasion, and take pictures of people when they're not looking. He describes himself thus:

Media. Green tech. Bullet the blue sky. red espresso. Marmalade. Zebu. Dark chocolate. Double Jameson on ice. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Blue. Rock. Energy.

A visionary entrepreneur, most recently the Managing Director of Technews Publishing, and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Kgwanyape Energy Solutions (a green tech start-up), Darren now heads up SmartR Media, which is (as the name implies) SmartR.

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