Danny Glenwright

Walmart and South Africa’s misplaced inadequacy

I think South Africa has a small touch of an inferiority complex. An amazing country, with so much potential, but you just don’t always know it.  At least I’m assuming this to be the reason why business leaders, government and excited shoppers have rolled over and prepared for a “corrective” rape from one of the…

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I’m tired of watching the royal family

While South Africans tallied votes from local government elections last week, the Queen of England visited Ireland. Just one of these events made most international headlines. For some reason we are expected to care what this woman does. Almost 60 years on a throne she can claim as her own simply because she had the…

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Foreigners beware, SA doesn’t want you

South Africa doesn’t exactly roll out the welcome mat. The Rainbow Nation, for all its colours, does not have a pot of gold for those not born here. I have learned this the hard way. My husband and I decided to move to South Africa one year ago after I was hired for a position…

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Time for a gay revolution

Gays and lesbians unite. It is time to rise up. Homosexuals, transsexuals, intersexuals, transgendered, everyone queer, gather your friends and allies, open your Twitter accounts, prepare your placards, and take a note from our friends in North Africa: it is time for a gay revolution. We have been nice for too long, we have been…

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Desmond Tutu is right, Israel is a racist state

By Danny Glenwright Desmond Tutu is a dishonest bigot. At least according to a group of 350 or so South Africans who recently took time out of their lives to put their names to a petition calling for Tutu to be removed as patron of South African Holocaust centres. It’s the funniest thing I’ve read…

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When things fall apart

By Danny Glenwright I have a tiny place in my heart for decay. Well, rather a bit larger than tiny. There’s something about dilapidation and dereliction that make me feel comfortable and ensure a place feels special. If I’m travelling it’s usually what entices my camera from my pocket. Most people like shiny and new….

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Dear Telkom, continued

By Danny Glenwright Well old buddy, here we are again. I was sort of hoping the last discussion would be our final heart-to-heart. Sadly, you’ve let me down again. And again, and again. I must say you’ve outdone yourself this time. Just when I thought your service could get no worse, it has become shockingly…

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Dear Telkom

By Danny Glenwright Dear Telkom, You dirty old monopoly, you. You really got me. I’m actually writing to congratulate you. You were in the running for a few weeks but today I made it official. You have taken the prize for the poorest service I’ve ever received. And considering I’m a journalist who has lived,…

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