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Posts published in “Tech”

Web 3.0: It just had to happen

It just had to happen. Someone had to “define” Web 3.0. And it wasn’t just an ordinary someone. It happened to be Eric Schmidt the…

Google News to accept comments

Ars technica has reported that Google news will be accepting comments from users. This is sure to fire up the already-simmering relationship between the big…


When I started blogging about 6 months ago, I never realised that it would take over my life.

Who shakes and shapes the blogging field?

Remember when all of South Africa was united in a shared spirit of triumph and optimism, when the old guard was one with the new revolutionaries? That was 1995, and South Africa was on its way to winning the rugby World Cup and the football African Nations Cup. It was a great time to be a sports fan, and a great time to be a South African.

Facebook is the CIA’s Wet Dream

Memo from the Acting Director, Central Intelligence Agency, John E. McLaughlin, Langley, Virginia to President George W Bush
Circa 2004


People, on the one hand, are paranoid about privacy. They jump up and down every time there’s any kind of new legislation to monitor or track them. God forbid you should try and monitor their internet usage or telephone calls for national security purposes. However, in a completely contradictory manner, people are also insanely keen to share everything about themselves with countless strangers. See the whole social networking phenomenon.

The Future of Real Estate Marketing Online

Estate Agency has been referred to as a “walled garden“, in other words an industry that is criticized as being based on asynchronous information between the agent and the buyers/sellers. Making money by getting in the way.

A blog a day …

“Blogging. BLOGGING!” says the technologically empowered hausfrau on the TV ad as she boasts of her recent achievements on the web (with the help of one of her sprouts). We heard you the first time, dear; blogging is less of a mystery these days to most people with at least some kind of awareness of the internet and its manifold wonders.