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Dear Rejected Facebook Friend

(I wrote this and posted it on my Facebook page a week or so ago. It was something of a cathartic excercise to make myself feel a bit better about rejecting so many friend requests. I went through long bouts of anguish and internal wranglings before being able to bring myself to click the “Ignore” […]

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The rules of engagement

The selection committee for the Amablogoblogo team is now in session. We are using the following rigorous three-stage procedure to choose the shapers and shakers of blogging, social media and Web 2.0 in South Africa: 1. Consulting animal entrails. It worked for the Romans, and science has not yet conclusively refuted its effectiveness. 2. In […]

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Web 3.0: It just had to happen

It just had to happen. Someone had to “define” Web 3.0. And it wasn’t just an ordinary someone. It happened to be Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google. According to Read/WriteWeb, Schmidt “said that while Web 2.0 was based on Ajax, Web 3.0 will be “applications that are pieced together” – with the characteristics that […]

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Google News to accept comments

Ars technica has reported that Google news will be accepting comments from users. This is sure to fire up the already-simmering relationship between the big online publishers and the search engine behemoth. Online publishers have a love and hate relationship with Google. The love part is that Google gives publishers masses of traffic. At Mail […]

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Facebook is the CIA’s Wet Dream

Memo from the Acting Director, Central Intelligence Agency, John E. McLaughlin, Langley, Virginia to President George W Bush Circa 2004 TO: THE GREAT LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD People, on the one hand, are paranoid about privacy. They jump up and down every time there’s any kind of new legislation to monitor or track them. […]

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A blog a day …

“Blogging. BLOGGING!” says the technologically empowered hausfrau on the TV ad as she boasts of her recent achievements on the web (with the help of one of her sprouts). We heard you the first time, dear; blogging is less of a mystery these days to most people with at least some kind of awareness of […]