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Posts published in “News/Politics”

Quiet diplomacy is not the alternative to an Iraq

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel’s claim that foreign intervention to impose regime change in Zimbabwe would occasion another Iraq is patently wrong. The finance minister, who…

The untouchables

When Madiba finally crossed the Rubicon and started us on the road to a multiracial democracy, the overwhelming majority of South Africans rejoiced. Some 13…

Pan-Arab blog spat: The power of a good story

The treatment of Iraqis at Jordan’s Queen Alia Airport triggered a storm in the Middle Eastern blogosphere. What at first seemed to be a straightforward story of refugees being ill-treated by their neighbour’s security guards has spawned into a pan-Arab blog spat (the type of which is normally reserved for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict). Last week I wrote a very thorough round-up of posts on both sides of the dispute for Global Voices Online.

Apart from the important issues raised in the story, there is another important lesson that this spat brings to the forefront — the power of telling an authentic, honest and compelling story.

Manto & Facebook

Does Facebook play a part in politics (governmental, not corporate :-)? Of course! The Sunday Times in South Africa released a front page report yesterday…

Thabo Mbeki is quite right

The elevation of axed deputy minister of health, Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge, to heroine status is a little farcical. The President has every right to relieve a member of the executive of their duties, for any reason, or indeed for no reason whatsoever.

Lost in translation

While Americans have had their own English for many years now, South Africans are just starting to redefine the language. Herewith a brief summary of…

Mrs Traps’s Yom Tov recipe

Mrs Traps cooking carries a hechsher from the International Atomic Energy Agency: Our leftovers require disposal in accordance with the international regulations governing nuclear waste.…

Zimbabwe’s problems are exaggerated?

Southern African leaders, meeting in Zambia, once again failed to deal with the crisis in Zimbabwe. Where strong words and decisive action were desperately needed,…

Housebreaking: Our Biggest Fear

In a recent survey by the National Prosecuting Authority, it turned out that housebreaking was the crime that most people feared. The reason being that the chances are, you’ll be there when it happens.