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Manto, the multimedia story

The Sunday Times story surrounding our embattled health minister has been a good example of integrated journalism. The newspaper broke the big story, yet the…

The rules of engagement

The selection committee for the Amablogoblogo team is now in session. We are using the following rigorous three-stage procedure to choose the shapers and shakers…

Pan-Arab blog spat: The power of a good story

The treatment of Iraqis at Jordan’s Queen Alia Airport triggered a storm in the Middle Eastern blogosphere. What at first seemed to be a straightforward story of refugees being ill-treated by their neighbour’s security guards has spawned into a pan-Arab blog spat (the type of which is normally reserved for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict). Last week I wrote a very thorough round-up of posts on both sides of the dispute for Global Voices Online.

Apart from the important issues raised in the story, there is another important lesson that this spat brings to the forefront — the power of telling an authentic, honest and compelling story.