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Posts published in “Lifestyle”

Phenomenal women

Celebration of the fairer sex took place in Newtown this past weekend and boy was there a feast for the ears and eyes! The Newtown…

Spy shots of the Mercedes SL AMG

Mercedes has decided to let the current SL prowl the streets for another couple of years before the all new SL debuts. The SL range has enjoyed good sales figures and with the face-lift next year they hope to ensure another successful model. These photos, taken just recently in the states by uber spy-shots photographer, Hanz Lehmann, capture an SL AMG model as it undergoes high temperature testing with it’s sexy bits covered up.

Whisked away : an oral edventure

Friends thronged around, fine whisky in hand… and a whole lot of learning going on: last night a classic edventure unfolded, in a very civilised fashion. Most grown-ups have gratefully plonked education into a dreary dried-out department in the dusty history section of their lives. Thankful not to have to endure another classroom again. In succumbing to the damage of outdated Industrial Age schooling, that still haunts children around the world, we have forgotten so much of the exhilaration of lifelong learning.

Late night obsessions with Asassin’s Creed

There is something about Assassin’s Creed, the up-coming game from Ubisoft that has me salivating, shaking and smiling a toothless grin all at the same time, even though I only drool at night and I do actually have teeth. Not only has the Middle East been politically volatile for the past couple of thousand years, the prospect of visiting Jerusalem and Damascus during the time of the crusades to mete out murder is incredibly appealing.


There’s a new spot in Town. Well relatively new I suppose, it was the first time I had ever heard about. And that was because of an affiliation with the person who was going to host a show happening there last Saturday.