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Manto & Facebook

Does Facebook play a part in politics (governmental, not corporate :-)? Of course! The Sunday Times in South Africa released a front page report yesterday…

Why atheists are just plain right

“Religion comes from the period of human history where nobody, not even the mighty Democritus, who concluded that all matter was made from atoms, had…

Thoughts on leading thoughts

The e-mail leered at me. “C’mon – are you man enough?” it seemed to ask. It arrived in my inbox, together with twelve inducements to…

Facebook is the CIA’s Wet Dream

Memo from the Acting Director, Central Intelligence Agency, John E. McLaughlin, Langley, Virginia to President George W Bush
Circa 2004


People, on the one hand, are paranoid about privacy. They jump up and down every time there’s any kind of new legislation to monitor or track them. God forbid you should try and monitor their internet usage or telephone calls for national security purposes. However, in a completely contradictory manner, people are also insanely keen to share everything about themselves with countless strangers. See the whole social networking phenomenon.

Late night obsessions with Asassin’s Creed

There is something about Assassin’s Creed, the up-coming game from Ubisoft that has me salivating, shaking and smiling a toothless grin all at the same time, even though I only drool at night and I do actually have teeth. Not only has the Middle East been politically volatile for the past couple of thousand years, the prospect of visiting Jerusalem and Damascus during the time of the crusades to mete out murder is incredibly appealing.

Take a seat, my crowd of pervs.

‘Well, the story goes that a giraffe came upon a monkey perched high up in a tree, watching a sleeping lioness on the ground.

“What are you up to?” asks the giraffe.“Well, if you must know, I’m waiting for that lioness to wake up so I can hump her brains out.”