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Posts published in “Business”

What do you do?

The Dalai Lama answers: “Nothing.” Great answer. Personally, I dread this question. First, because there is no all-encompassing answer. What I do almost depends on…

The scourge of PowerPoint

If you ever have to do presentations to groups of people, you may find this useful. I’m a big fan of Edward Tufte — he’s…

Let’s not be narrow-minded about broadband

The government’s plan to create a state-controlled company, Infraco, to drive down telecommunication costs and improve broadband internet access has, predictably, come under fire from…

Child labour: the baby dragon

An answer to: What should a country do about imports from countries that are known to be or highly suspected of using child labour or other forms of 'slave' labour or other techniques that are banned by that country?

The Future of Real Estate Marketing Online

Estate Agency has been referred to as a “walled garden“, in other words an industry that is criticized as being based on asynchronous information between the agent and the buyers/sellers. Making money by getting in the way.