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Posts published in “Business”

Department of Crony Capitalism

Chris Barron of the Sunday Times went in search of meaningful answers from the director-general in the Deparment of Communications. He found none, but published what he heard anyway.

Can convergence serve democracy?

After attending a few sessions at the Highway Africa conference in Grahamstown last week, I struggled to find an answer to the question: How will…

Just abolish the Dept of Communications

ITWeb reports that a letter has been sent to the police, half the government oversight committees and the presidency, in which fraud and kickback accusations related to the hiring of staff in South Africa's Department of Communications are alleged.

Internet-savvy employees affect the bottom line

My company, Creative Rides, currently has four employees, including my partner and I. Although we’re a “workshop” focused on altering all types of cars in…

Stuff the poor, they’re happy

I was about to write a scathing piece about rich environmentalists named in an editorial about a proposed gold mine in a poor town in Romania, when a Ghanaian teacher wrote, in essence, a far more eloquent rebuttal.

No interest in VC funding

South African entrepreneurs are obviously loaded. How else can you explain the fact that the next First Tuesday, which was meant to be a “panel…

Managing your identity

People through the ages have always had a requirement to prove in a credible and trustworthy manner that they are indeed who they say they…

What do you do?

The Dalai Lama answers: “Nothing.” Great answer. Personally, I dread this question. First, because there is no all-encompassing answer. What I do almost depends on…