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Absa, you’re killing me

I truly hate Absa, and they haven’t done a thing to me.

If you’ve ever run an email account without any spam filtering on, you’ll have had an inkling of just how much spam is piling up across the net, a veritable flood of dirtybits looking for tiny cracks in the dyke.

The spam filters run by our ISPs and on our local PCs do a huge amount to stem the flood, but when spammers are out on phishing expeditions (in search of our PIN numbers) using bank addresses/names that cannot be blocked by the ISPs because of all the legitimate traffic that has to be parsed, the situation gets truly messy.

That’s why I hate Absa. It seems the phishing mafia just love them because day in, day out the Absa spam floods my mailbox. Maybe it’s because Absa customers are dumber than those of other banks, so they’re more prone to handing over their PIN numbers and having their accounts fleeced, but whatever the reason, this must be becoming a marketing nightmare for Absa.

(Of course I have set up Outlook rules to kill off the spam, but I can’t stop it on my BlackBerry which is increasingly becoming my messaging device of choice. Any ideas?)

Imagine if the core emotional association generated by your brand is a brew of intrusion, deception and disgust.

Sorry Absa, BUT that’s exactly how you are being processed in my cortex these days. If you pitched me an interest-free mortgage I’d likely refuse; that’s how ugly you look to me right now.


  • Bruce Cohen

    A former journalist, in recent years founder and CEO of Absolute Organix.