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What would happen if you took Oprah’s advice …

… about everything?

The First Lady of talk-show television is always offering words of wisdom — on her show, on her website and through her magazine. What would happen if you took these tips? How would you live, what would you spend your money on, what movies would you see, what books would you read, and would you really end up “living your best life”, as promised?

That’s what one American woman living in Chicago wanted to find out. So, for one year, this 35-year-old writer, artist and performer is living Oprah. She blogs about it very candidly (on her website,, and keeps tabs on all the various challenges involved in this experiment — being made to watch movies she’s not interested in, spending money on frivolities that Oprah watchers “simply must have!” and, not least in her list of woes, having to watch the show every day.

What I find so fascinating, though, is her comment that even though Oprah is constantly telling her flock to slow down and not try to do everything all at once, she is also telling them to do things, thereby lengthening their to-do lists. The overriding emotion from this project seems to be how much “you must do this” advice Oprah gives.

It’s worth a read — if for nothing else than to feel grateful that you aren’t living Oprah’s best life prescription!