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Abundant wildlife, for only R33!

I was away all of last week on a trip for work, part of which took me through the Kruger National Park. We were on a strict time deadline, so we just drove along the main road, cutting across the park and out the other side. Everyone told me that with Kruger being the size it is (enormous) the chances of me seeing any wildlife at all were slim.

I believed them.

They were wrong.

We saw at least a dozen elephants — right on the side of the road, in riverbeds and hanging out under trees. We saw loads of giraffe (including babies), buffalo, hippo, crocodiles, warthogs, kudu and, of course, hundreds of impala.

Seeing wildlife in such abundance really reawakened my capacity for wonder … It’s so refreshing to be in touch with something truly extraordinary and it’s just down the road (if that road is long and starts in Jo’burg!)

Best of all, it only cost R33. Yip, South African citizens can spend the whole day in Kruger for R33. Less than the price of a movie.

Of course, it’s not as convenient as popping into a shopping mall to watch a movie.

But it is far, far more inspiring.