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More design genius

Just a quickie before I pop back to the Design Indaba.

Here are a few stands that caught my eye yesterday … they stood out for their beauty or innovation, or just because they were downright cool.

  • Tintown ( is Andre Serfontein’s creation of metalworked decorative homeware. Whether “seriously sophisticated or wildly whimsical”, he’s doing things with metal you’ve never seen before … Intricately detailed and in a league of their own, they’re something special (as far as I’m concerned).
  • Mu & Me ( looks, at first, like it’s for children, but I guarantee you it’s not! It is in fact another world, filled with stories about the characters and their pets (which you can read online), beautiful stationery, books, stickers, bags and T-shirts. Its website is delightfully interactive, and I can’t think of one reason not to fall in love with it.
  • Casamento ( has a motto: “Recycle Renovate Remember”. Its range of beautifully restored and adorned furniture is out of another era, as is its needlework. If you’re looking for something to add character to a room, this is the place to shop.

    And that’s all! My favourites that had websites. A couple of people don’t have them up yet, but will later in the year. I’ll report back then.

    Anyone want to add in their top designers from this year’s indaba?

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