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Bhekinkosi Moyo

Posts published by “Bhekinkosi Moyo”

Bhekinkosi Moyo is trained in political science and currently shuttles between Southern Africa and West Africa. He works for TrustAfrica-a Pan African oriented foundation that works to secure the conditions for democratic governance and equitable development. In 2007, he edited a collection of chapters: Africa in Global Power Play. He has just completed editing an 18 country book on DisEnabling the Public Sphere: Civil Society Regulation in Africa.

Zimbabwe’s answer lies beyond MDC, Zanu-PF

Disclaimer: This is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2005 and was subsequently published by an online newspaper, In re-reading it, I…

A dialogue of chameleons?

My view is that politicians are like chameleons: they change their skin colour depending on the environment that they want to adapt to. This is…

Bob the Boss

The crowd went into frenzy. Old and young, men and women, all listened attentively as Innocent Batsani Ncube recited his poems. I had listened to…