Ben Kelly

Give Francis a chance

The amount of anger that seems to have poured out as a result of the election of the new pope has left me feeling both slightly confused and a little pissed off. As a Catholic (who doesn’t go to church very often) the very people who would object to all people of a single group…

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Just pay the tolls goddamnit!

E-tolling, the practice of the government extracting yet more money out of the good citizens of Gauteng via their love of the motor vehicle, reaches fever pitch yet again today. The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance is going to court to get an urgent interdict to stop the implementation of the system on April 30….

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Time to banish Old South Africans

One of the parts of South African life that I hate more than everything else is going to a braai. Not the act of getting together with friends and family to break bread and burn dead cow over an open flame, but having to deal with the white South African male. Not just any old…

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Is MS sacrificing corporate upgrades to save Mac:Office?

According to AppleInsider, Microsoft is doing an about face on support of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in its Mac:Office product. On the one hand this is a great step forward (or should that be backward) for Microsoft in that its user community, especially those in the corporate world, was most upset by the omission…

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Makro champs, Stax relegated in appliance store web site battle

Shopping for domestic appliances is the seventh circle of hell. You have to go to four or five shops to compare prices and each shop is in a different shopping centre. This means finding parking, getting out of the car, walking to the shop, trying not to get distracted by the other things in the…

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