Avishkar Govender

From supporter-voters to member-activists

It has always been the objective of the political class to seek the support of persons other than themselves and their employees in order to reinforce legitimacy and public acceptance which should, ideally, subsist to enable the political class to exercise the privilege of representing the people and citizenry of the state as governed. The…

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Woza 2014 :-)

German Studies Association October 9 1993: “Although I do not subscribe to what Fukuyama called the end of history and the ultimate triumph of liberalism, my guess is that a new political agenda of post-cold-war politics and post-social-democratic politics causes a great deal of general liberal concern, which could feed a liberal party. Liberal politics…

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The great contender

I admit that I am a pseudo-terrorist, that I have in the past engaged in pseudo-terrorist and pseudo-guerilla activities in the pursuit of certain political goals. Indeed the hypocrisy and contradiction of doing so would give me cause to lose sleep at night, were it not for my monastic lifestyle and my community service which…

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An open letter to the IEC

Dear Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa Re: If you don’t vote — you can’t complain I write in complaint of a campaign conducted by or under the authority of the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as the IEC). This campaign bears the message, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain,…

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Nationalise the financial sector at your own peril

From the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War we have, as a global economy, seen a sustained period of hyperinflation. I have no idea why there has been such an upward shift in pricing levels but I doubt that it has anything to do with people…

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Sex offenders must be stopped

There is no greater crime than that of a sexual offence. Chimpanzees, you see, practise rape as a sort of demonstration of hierarchical dominance. They have no control over the inclination to rape in order to demonstrate power. It is clear that the opposable thumb may assist in pinning down the victim but the faculty…

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Tradespotting SA

If Renton hadn’t been a smack junkie, he might have said instead … Choose communism, choose a skill and choose a trade. Choose a kolkhoz. Choose a flippin big factory. Choose washing your clothing with regulation soap. Choose not having cars, compact disc players, electrical tin openers or ribbed condoms. Choose DIY and wondering why…

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Will they swear an oath of honesty?

I have since August 2005 had to climb into the open sewer of personality politics — at first without public demonstration, and then latterly, since August 2007, with overt and public demonstration — for the express purpose of sensitising community leaders about ethical leadership and honest corporate and public governance. Perhaps it was my egomania…

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Be the change

To be the change you want, you see Is not as easy, as it seems You have to listen, learn and believe To be the change for real For this life of ours, is nought, but strife This life of ours, is not the, promised life We’ve been denied, the rainbow, of our dreams Just…

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True confessions of a liberal politico

I have been asked by young South Africans to explain why I have chosen to vote for the DA. However, let me first say that I encourage all people to vote and further let me say that I encourage all people to vote for the party that represents as closely as possible their own perspective….

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