Avishkar Govender
Avishkar Govender

The psychology of the failed state

Some years ago I ordered the destruction of every dysfunctional government, state, country and authority. I also ordered the destruction of every dysfunctional sovereign and sovereignty. You have experienced this as the Eurozone, the long War Against Terror, the supremacy of English Imperialism, the clientisation of CIA Frontshops, the simplification of Global Dialogue and the eradication of Corruption and Inefficiency.

While I have considered that the Millennium Development Goals might have been better things to order, I chose to order that which would create the conditions for the achievement of the objects of the Millennium Development Goals, and indeed the achievement of socio-economic and political aspirations that surpass the immediacy of the Millennium Development Goals. Have I instead created chaos, subjugation, neo-colonial empire and a pathos indicative of medieval apathy towards the plight of those who were born poor or created at a disadvantaged station in life? No.

It is evident that Supra-national governance is possible and efficient, it is evident that hypocrisy and a tolerance for the abrogation of the Rule-of-law creates the conditions for terrorism and the destruction of constitutional democracy, it is evident that the world thinks in and speaks English, it is evident that those who had previously tenuously lived off the CIA’s expediency are now controlled directly, it is evident that the dictates and edicts of my orders are the only contents of all Global Dialogue; and it is evident (just ask anyone who has “held” public office in the last fifteen years) that corruption and inefficiency are punished without exception.

In my own image I lead and lord over the entirety of everything. I do not tolerate or enable sickness, disease, dishonesty or mediocrity. I do not apologise for the extent of my efforts to remove from my own that which is corrupt and/or inefficient. I do not have any time for narcissism, self-obsessed meglomania or vicarious participation. I do not waste time in any way; and spend all my time destroying corruption and inefficiency. I have indeed lost many “friends” and many fair-weather “allies”; and do not regret this in any way. I have been and will continue to be ruthless in my dealings with criminals and dishonesty.

I have killed, imprisoned and have had committed to psychiatric hospitals all of those that would oppose and contradict my objects and intentions; having ensured that their minds are securely constrained, have then declared their token existences deluded, delusional, schizophrenic and disconnected in every way from the reality of their own lives – thus ensuring that their arrogance in their insanity has precluded and precludes them from leadership, authority, credibility or solvency.

I have without fear challenged everyone, everything, everywhere and everybody, and have achieved a state of never having been defeated. I live and work without fear; and do not afford privilege, favour or resource where it is not earned. I have condemned every imposter and every form or type or personation and impersonation. I have defeated every instance and sort of identity fraud and the issuance, utterance and passing off which is associated with identity fraud.

There is factually no way for dishonesty to flourish or for insanity to prosper. Indeed the deluded schizophrenics, the self-obsessed narcissists and the political enemies of mine that favour corruption and inefficiency; are so bankrupt that they dare not even or so much as whisper their own names, not even secretly to themselves. We have today a world, wherein the difference between those that destroy corruption and inefficiency, and those that favour corruption and inefficiency, is so marked, that no-one on the wrong side of my polity, wants to continue deluding themselves in any way.

I have not completed my work; and indeed did set down a time of twenty years for the achievement of my objectives, three-quarters of which time thusfar has seen the achievement of the majority of my objectives and the establishment of all of the mechanisms for the achievement of the rest of my objectives. There is no government, state, country or authority that wants to oppose me and/or mine. There is no sovereign or sovereignty that wants to oppose me and/or mine. Corruption and inefficiency as it is produced by, or as a result of, irresponsibility or drug usage cannot survive and does not survive.

From the puppets who had worked for me, those that were corrupted beyond salvation; have been disposed of, systematically, without favour or concession. It has indeed been an eventful and steady process of eliminating the cause of the socio-economic and political malaise that had plagued the world during the previous centuries. From the puppeteers who had worked for me, those that were arrogant beyond sanity; have simply disappeared, without so much as a sad story, a phishing scam or a sympathetic ear for their own self-convinced states of mind. It has in fact been a decisive and all pervasive cleansing of the rank and file of my own.

Corruption and inefficiency are not and will never be tolerated. The “Tower of Babel” as a syndrome or a collection of sicknesses is not and will never be tolerated. Unnecessary costs and things are not and will never be tolerated. Deluded and/or delusional alternatives are not and will never be tolerated. Hypocrisy, dishonesty and disrespect are not and will never be tolerated. The patronising of and pandering to failed states is not and will never be tolerated. Sarcasm and sarcastic interpretation is not and will never be tolerated. Insults and insulting things are not and will never be tolerated; and insane interpretation is not and will never be tolerated.

It is evident that many have attempted to oppose me and mine, and in opposing me and/or mine have found that apart from being insane, from being bankrupt and from being deluded and/or delusional that opposing me and/or mine has been unprofitable for them in every way. It was not overnight that the destruction of dysfunction took place; and indeed the evidence of the desperate criminal efforts of those that have attempted to oppose me and/or mine is on display for the whole world to see on the global stage.

It was indeed effective stagecraft and stagecraft management; that has yielded this position for mine that makes it impossible for any to contradict or oppose my objects and intentions. In the next five years there will be no opposition or contradiction, those that are on their way out will go, and take their entourages and legacies with them; consigned to being forgotten, forever.

So now, as they, the corrupt and inefficient, stare, in beggary, at the muzzle of the barrel of my gun; words and pleas having escaped and failed them; one wonders as to the exact nature, for there is no nurture anymore, of The psychology of the failed state. Whether they last this year or not is not the question. It is a forgone conclusion that they are defeated, that they have been destroyed and that they do not have any means of survival. It is a unequivocal reality that not having self respect is not and never will be a way to survive for those that do not have any means of survival.

The revolution for those that were alienated from and within their own lives; has been achieved, it is secure. My orders for the twenty years after this next five; have already been implemented. There is no concession and there will be no concession to and/or for corruption or inefficiency. There will be no failed states, nor will there be any tolerance for the failure of states. And while the peripheral insanity would want that to mean the security and integrity of the states of insanity that produce corruption and inefficiency; that is not what is meant in any way.

Do I care for the survival of those whose corruption and inefficiency has had me destroy them and theirs? No. Does it trouble me in any way? No. Will I care or will it trouble me? No. Are there any courts of appeal or means for their survival? No. It is carved in stone. Finite. Over the next five years the pretence of the status quo, which existed and subsisted fifteen years ago, will be removed, systematically eliminated, without interruption, exception or omission; until it does not exist in any way whatsoever.

It is the desperation of those that have already been clientised, straining against their tethering; the fecklessness gasping for corruption and inefficiency; the worthless drivel attempting to distract and discord the debate; the reactionary hatred imbued with inferiority in denial of reality; the tin-pots and their little-dictators unaware that their audience has already changed the channel; and the hypocrisy and insane schizophrenia demanding an alternative that cannot survive, will not survive and does not survive – which most wastes the time of, but defines holistically the intrinsic nature of The psychology of the failed state.

That is their last lot in life, their last parading of their own crimes and the last time that I will allocate to rubbing their faces in the reality that we do not want, do not have to have, do not need and do not require their existences in any way whatsoever. Their corruption and inefficiency has been completely defeated, and their deludedness, delusionality and disconnectedness from the reality of their own insolvency, while absolute and irrevocable; has not produced insanity arrogant enough to survive.

Do not pity, or waste your time with, the last remnants of corruption and inefficiency; their failed states are not salvageable. Do not extend to their bankrupt and insane leaders any consideration, for they have fallen on the swords of their own hypocrisy and arrogance. Work, you see, it not amenable to shortcuts and self-induced schizophrenia. Wherever the dysfunctional government, state, country or authority clings to its existence; wherever the dysfunctional sovereign or sovereignty slings to its insanity; attack it, destroy it and do not make any concession to and/or for it.

All efforts to propagate dysfunction, as a means of justifying corruption and/or inefficiency or enabling the things that I do not and will not tolerate; will be destroyed. Indeed it is imperative to destroy dysfunction, all dysfunction and all of dysfunction, without interruption, exception or omission. Regardless of the source, dysfunction is not tolerated and will never be tolerated. This includes the complete destruction of all forms of dysfunctional and dysfunctioning puppeteering, programming, scripting, crafting, manipulation and personation.

It has been an eventful fifteen years thusfar, it will be an eventful five years now; and then the cause of the socio-economic inefficiency and political corruption will not exist in any way whatsoever; and we cannot be defeated by that which does not survive or exist. I reiterate that no concession is and/or will be made to and/or for corruption and/or inefficiency.


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