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What technology do you have?

See here, get it right. We don’t need your charity. We don’t need your business and custom. In fact we don’t even need your tourism. What we need is for you, your people and their businesses to stop destroying our lives, our communities and our environment; to stop ripping us off on the sale of our raw materials and to stop ripping us off on the sale of your processed goods and services.

That’s what we need. We need you (the first world) to cease and desist from damaging and causing harm to our lives. And you know what, let’s just be sensible and say that you lot can bugger off now, and if you don’t trouble us again then we can negotiate the settlement of this matter of reparations for colonialism and apartheid.

I know that to write off this debt would be a large donation to give the first world, at the rate of $1 billion per developing world citizen who is a victim or is the child (however many generations later) of a victim of apartheid, colonialism, imperialism, occupation, invasion and slavery in any form; that is more than 5 billion people at $1 billion each. My calculator says that is more than $ 5 000 000 000 000 000 000 (more than 5 quintillion US dollars), which according to Wikipedia is more than $1 for every insect on earth.

Now 5 quintillion US dollars is a lot of money to be paid to the people of the world and while the payment of this debt would probably be manifested in the mass printing of worthless currency and the devaluation and then destruction of the US dollar overnight — and while Oom Sam would probably want some of the other G8/20 countries to burn their currencies in the same way at the same time — it probably won’t go that way, will it?

In any event, given that the first world is refusing to pay us the money they owe in respect of the slave-blood debt, I doubt that we can extend any future and further credit to them, until the debt is paid in full with interest. And that’s interest from the 16th century to now because the imperial, mercantile and international trade, slavery and exploitation system has been in existence since then. But don’t worry, we will give you an interest rate of prime + 2% per annum, compounded on a daily basis.

Actually hold on, a cursory overview of your assets and tangible wealth indicates that on the basis of this debt, your former colonial, imperial and slave trading countries are almost insolvent because you owe us more than you are owed by anyone. Also it seems that, unfortunately, in law you cannot be bound to fulfil the terms of an agreement, where the agreement itself or the terms and conditions of the agreement were to commit an illegal action or illegal actions.

As such all loan and aid agreements entered into by developing countries are thus vitiated and no longer enforceable, as it is clear that such contracts are in themselves acts of turpitude. They were intended to obfuscate the truth that the developing countries are the creditors so as to evade the debt and obligation owed to the developing countries, thus enabling the first world to deny responsibility for the debts owed to the developing world.

Thus we see that the basis for the donor-aid to the developing world has been to defraud us of our accounts receivable and to commit extortion through the lending-for-gain to us of what is rightfully ours in the first place.

So look, let’s be fair about this, you people settle your debts in full, and to be honest it’s the interest that’s going to be the issue, after all 500 years is “a lot of vig” and we wont be bringing charges of fraud and extortion against your heads of states, and their successors.

Now as regards the future, once you as the minority of the world’s population — that owes us, the majority — have paid your debt to society in full, then we can look at creating some sort of system of free trade that will enable you to buy things from us. But remember, all our goods and services are sold in our home countries, in our home currencies and they are sold at the markets in our home countries, so you have to physically buy it, store it, transport it and export it yourself.

In respect of labour, please be advised that as the developing world we are establishing a global minimum entry-level wage rate of $1 per hour, subject to a maximum of 8 hours of work per day, this scale will increase exponentially as you move up the skills ranking. Thus a factory or retail service worker will be paid a minimum of $5 per hour, a mine or construction worker will be paid a minimum of $7.50 an hour and an administration worker will be paid a minimum of $10 an hour. Please remember that these are global rates applicable throughout the developing world and that nobody will be undercutting the rest of the developing world.

Naturally being debtors in not very good standing, first-world countries are not going to be able to open or own businesses in the developing world and will have to simply buy production and output from businesses owned by the developing world. And naturally it will only be after a country has repaid its slave-blood debt that it will be allowed to enter into a bilateral free trade agreement (with complete openness and reciprocity) with a developing nation. This will allow it to own businesses in the developing world under the ethical trade practices conditions, as stipulated in the FTA.

The real question at this point is what technologies do you have that we don’t have and that we don’t have the capacity to obtain and develop? Yes that’s right, nothing. There’s nothing that the first world knows how to do that we as the developing world don’t know. In fact we have some of the brightest and most intelligent people in the world developing technologies in your first-world countries. So your first-world technology is actually yet more fruit of the exploitation of our developing world.

So that’s the next thing — the intellectual property created by the people of the developing world — belongs to the people who create it until they voluntarily and consensually alienate, sell, divest themselves of or dispose of it. Naturally this applies to the application of what we know and the application of our intellectual property; thus the products, outputs and services of any labours of any person from the developing world must be protected in the same way. And in this regard we are gong to be looking at more of a cash rather than credit arrangement going forward.

Naturally in this new dispensation, we will be ensuring:

  • Peace and human rights for every person;
  • Equal Opportunities for every person;
  • Free trade with and for every market economy and the
  • Eradication of all forms of corruption.

One wonders how the vast majority (5 billion people) of the world is denied its right to eat, when in fact the woes of the world were visited upon this majority by fewer than 1 billion people. What we have seen over the last 500 years has been the rise of a neo-apartheid system that spans the globe and ensures minority rule. The separation of the world into G8/G20/G8 Trade Partner/The Other/The Pariah countries is no different from the racial, ethnic, linguistic, gender, rural and interpersonal discrimination visited upon the people of South Africa by the minority rulers.

Now we are left to look at a landscape that says:

  • The wealthy people have stolen from the poor people. That’s how the wealthy people got wealthy in the first place.
  • The wealthy people have then lent the poor people the poor people’s own money and proceeded illegally to extract benefit from the property of the poor people.
  • The poor people have been trapped into fraudulent debt under the jackboot of some puppet dictator who sings the tune of the wealthy people.
  • That we as poor people must queue up and with cap in hand ask the wealthy people to give us alms and lend us more of our own money. Then invest our own money in our own countries to re-enslave and re-exploit our poor people, so that
  • The wealthy can re-export the output and product of our labours back to wealthy countries at a ridiculous profit for the wealthy people.

To which I respond by saying that we the poor people of the world, we the people who have been sold into slavery and born into servitude, we the developing nations of the world actually control the world. We are the vast majority of the people and citizens, we make the world what it is. We hold the vast majority of productive labour hours and intellectual property creation potential in our hands and that we will no longer be begging anyone for anything. Just pay us what you owe us and let us live our lives without you stealing from us at every turn.

And before you accuse me of being anti-European, it would behove you to realise that some of the developing countries and indeed some of the countries that are victims of colonialism, are European, and in fact grouped in solidarity with the rest of the developing countries throughout the world.