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Posts published by “William Saunderson-Meyer”

This Jaundiced Eye column appears in Weekend Argus, The Citizen, and Independent on Saturday. WSM is also a book reviewer for the Sunday Times and Business Day. Follow @TheJaundicedEye.

Young bums in search of some butter

The silly season would be incomplete without clowns. Fortunately, with Julius Malema now a permanent centre-stage feature of South African political life, there is always…

Animal activists can’t see the bull for the dust

These animal activists, what a fuss they make about matters beyond their ken. So filled with neo-colonial, white racist presumptuousness. They arise from scoffing their…

Simelane is just the man as judicial janitor

Leaders come into power vowing to keep touch with the common herd and to listen to dissenting voices in pursuit of statesmanship, but the unguent of flattery is irresistible.

Internet bigots and loonies also have rights

Those who warn of an international Jewish conspiracy or imminent Armageddon if women won’t dress modestly, struggle to get published in credible newspapers. Competition for space is fierce and the local loony claiming abduction and impregnation by randy extra-terrestrials is only rarely indulged.

Shiny bottle-top awards for 2009

The African President of the Year award is a publicity gimmick and this first-time award has as much credibility as one of the shiny bottle tops that Idi Amin used to wear on his chest.

If kids can grasp it, why can’t bankers?

There is a difference between what is legal and what is right. Parents work hard on getting their kids to understand this and fortunately for…