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Learning not to hate bluegums

Are you a nationalist gardener? Do you plant water-wise indigenous plants representing our diverse and beautiful flora? Plants and nationalism are not a subject that has come in for much attention in academia. Which is a pity, because there would be fertile ground for research into the discursive construction of responsible, morally appropriate indigenous gardening […]

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The freedom of not having a car

I love the freedom of not having a car. No monthly payments, no ruinous splodges of wonga on the garage card. No insurance, no tracking device, no monthly subscription for said tracking device.* In South Africa, I drove a RunX, which, I reasoned, was solid and practical and easier to sell than the Fiat I […]

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Dipping a toe in the melting pot

Sydney is a city of immigrants. In that respect, it reminds me of London, but with better weather and more attractive scenery. Sometimes I wonder where all the Australians are, at least the ones actually born here. The bus from the airport is driven by a Turk with a huge boep and a less than […]

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This is why I moved to Australia

I never thought I would say this. In fact, there was a time when I regarded anyone who moved to Australia as a traitor, and quite possibly racist. The sort of person South Africa would be better off without, as Pallo Jordan might say. When JM Coetzee moved to Australia and learned how to smile, […]