Grant Walliser

If Zuma were a share

If Zuma were a share and you had told me to buy, buy, buy a year ago, I would have thought you were crazy and spent all my money speculating on the blue-chip “Tokyo” or the possible new listing “Ramaphosa” instead. Perhaps that is both equally an indication that Jacob Zuma’s political recovery has been…

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The Day of Colonial Reconciliation

On the Day of Reconciliation, it is perhaps appropriate to discuss and hopefully remove divisive terms used extensively in our society, especially those that continue to label people on the basis of colour. The first one that comes to my mind is “colonialism”, a term that proliferates political speeches, newspaper articles and general conversation in…

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No independence for Kosovo

The imminent independence of the province of Kosovo from Serbia is at present the topic of hot debate and flaring tempers up north. The United States and many European nations are solidly backing the call for an independent Kosovo, while Serbia and her long-time ally Russia are vociferously against such a move. The pro-independence faction…

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