Danielle Nierenberg

Zambian farmers lead the way

In the US, it seems like we only hear about what’s going wrong in Africa. We see and read stories about famine, HIV/Aids, disease, or conflict. In fact, few Americans will ever step foot in countries like Malawi or Zambia, largely because our media often scares people away. As I travel across Africa, working as…

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Livestock keepers’ rights: Conserving endangered animal genetic resources in Kenya

By Dr Jacob Wanyama and Danielle Nierenberg Maralal, Kenya, is mostly known for its wildlife. And as we made the seven hour, bumpy trek from Nairobi — half of it on unpaved roads — we saw our fair share of water buffaloes, rhinos, impala, and giraffes. But we weren’t here to go on safari. We…

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Recovery is a word you hear a lot in Rwanda

By Danielle Nierenberg and Jim Devries From public-service announcements on television to billboards — it’s the motto for a place that just 15 years ago was torn apart by genocide. More than one million people were murdered in 1994 as ethnic strife turned neighbour against neighbour in one of the bloodiest civil wars in African…

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