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Academic freedom alive and well

I have always been the foremost advocate of academic freedom among my peers, most of whom during their early undergraduate days did not see the relevance of academic freedom in their lives, which were seemingly interminable cycles of rote learning and repetition. Though they might have resented the absence of free thinking from their first-year […]

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Nando’s, I finally understand

Dame Evita Bezuidenhout, in her boudoir, hangs up the phone with someone named, “Barack” (Obama not Ehud presumably) and says, “blah blah blah, option A, blah blah blah, option C, blah blah blah, what about option B? … blah blah blah … now you can’t just have A ‘n C …” Now everyone has been […]

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If Suzman had been a cadre

If the late Helen Suzman DBE had been a cadre of the Congress or of the National Democratic Revolution, she would have no doubt received a state funeral. There would have been speech after speech made by Congress leaders remembering Suzman, against the backdrop of a state funeral bedecked in the colours of the Congress. […]