Alison Tilley

Steak, the World Cup and good bones

I have to confess that the highlight for me of Saturday’s World Cup game was the steak. We braaied, of course, and it being a special occasion, I got in some prime rump from the nearby Famous Butcher’s Grill. It is not cheap, but with a teriyaki marinade tends to evoke the sort of eyeball-rolling…

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Quick, hit your kids

Well, it’s official. Quick, go hit one of your kids. You still can. It does have to be one of your children — but, still, rejoice, rejoice, the Children’s Amendment Bill has been defeated. Not, admittedly, by a decisive vote in the hallowed halls of Parliament, with ringing speeches on the merits or demerits of…

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Mystery, judges and the JSC

I am not a woman of mystery. I am one of those people who tell you your fly is undone, or that your payment is late. This is not because I don’t like a bit of mystery, especially the mysterious cloak of secrecy that the law casts around judges. In the Supreme Court of Appeal,…

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