Andrew Miller

All I’ve got is a vote for the Soccer Party

When Tony Leon left, the DA had a golden opportunity to re-position itself as an African party, or at the very least the kind of party that recognises the importance of an African identity. But they chose Helen Zille. Now some people love Helen, but to me she is the living embodiment of the dangers…

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Getting it wrong 101: Durban name changes

When Schabir Shaik eventually recovers from his terrible (let’s hope it’s not terminal, eh?) illness and re-enters Durban social life, he won’t find quite the same place he left. A lot has happened during his brutal 28-month stint in that private ward. For one thing, it’s been raining for months on end, not only aggravating…

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To listen to Jacaranda 94.2 is to step back and across into an alternate dimension — one where the soundtrack is pure eighties pop. Bizarre. George Michael, Sheena Easton, Marc Alex, Billy Idol … And then there’s Just Plain Darren, erstwhile Supersport, 5FM and East Coast jock, along with his trusty sidekick John Walland. Damn,…

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Wait a minute, why don’t we hold a pop concert?

After Mandela’s guided tour to the mike was concluded by Graca I found it increasingly tough to fight off deep embarrassment at the idolatry placed on the man, and at the happy, feel-good faces of a crowd of suburbanites totally immersed in the idea of their own charity.

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