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Football over power!

By Gcina Ntsaluba

The World Cup might be running like a well-oiled machine on the surface but behind the closed doors of the Local Organising Committee offices, a “war” is brewing.

Conspiracy theories of a possible coup d’état on chief organiser Danny Jordaan by his deputy, Irvin Khoza, have been going around, and according to Jordaan’s own admission, the war is coming after the World Cup.

Jordaan reckons that the war will be against him and the instigators of it are plotting to remove him from his job. I don’t know whether this is just paranoia coming from a powerful man who has insecurity issues and doesn’t trust his right-hand man, or a sign to what awaits us after the World Cup.

Of course conspiracy theories are not new to this country. Therefore I’m sure that this is not the first or the last.

But I imagine that it would be unpleasant for patriotic football supporters of this country to learn that the two men who worked tirelessly for years to bring the World Cup to this country have fallen out to such an extent.

Over what?

Power over football!

It just goes to show that the “beautiful game” can unite and divide people just as quickly. Your friends can quickly become your enemies.

What is concerning about Jordaan’s assertion about the coming war is the timing because we are still in the middle of the World Cup.

I think it’s a bit too soon for a square up over power. At least let the tourists leave first before we go back to our South African way of doing things.


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