Albert Bredenhann
Albert Bredenhann

Eighteen rugby fields filled with servers

Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by the power of Google, the functionality of its products and the amazingly easy to use tools that are at my disposal. But when I speak to friends, family and colleagues about these cool tools, I discover that they do not know about them. So I have decided to share a few amazing things about Google with you. You might already know about them, but if you do not, enjoy them as I can hardly live without them.

  • Google servers: Did you know that Google has more than 450 000 servers? That is the equivalent of 18 rugby fields filled with servers. Read more about the Google platform at Wikipedia.
  • Google Flight Simulator: Google Earth now has its own built-in flight simulator. When you open the latest version of Google Earth, just click Ctrl+Alt+A and you are ready for your flight.
  • Google Calculator is better than the one on your desk. In Google, type your equation (such as “123 x 456”), search and your answer is there. Your could even try “43% of 876”.
  • Currency Converter: Not sure if your next trip to Las Vegas would be within budget? Try the currency converter (for example, “Convert 100USD to ZAR“).
  • Google Music: Google has the best information about every music artist. Type “music:Elton John” and all the albums produced by Elton John will be displayed. Keep on clicking and you will get to the lyrics.
  • Google Movie Reviews is something that would help in your choice in a movie or DVD. Type “movie:Titanic” and read all the reviews from trusted sources.
  • Google Napster: MP3s are scattered all over the internet, and turning Google into your own personal Napster is as simple as using the following search URL: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of”+”last modified”+”parent directory”+description+size+(wma|mp3)”Nirvana”. Just change “Nirvana” to your artist or song name.
  • Google Universe: Google is more than just a search engine. It covers the universe — Google Earth, Google Sky, Google Moon. (Keep on zooming, and you might find some cheese on the moon). Click here for a complete list of all the Google Tools and Products.
  • Google Office: No need for Microsoft Office, as Google introduced a whole Office Suite complete with Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Email — and soon we will start playing with Google’s version of PowerPoint.
  • Google Desktop: There is no reason not to find any old email, document on your own computer as you can turn your own computer into a searchable beast with the installation of Google Desktop. Then simply type Ctrl-Ctrl to search.
  • Google Software: And I have to say thank you to Google for the bundled deal of software. All the software you need in order to be more productive is now just one download away.
  • It is a hard task to add all the functionality of all the great Google Applications into one blog entry, but I had to share some of them with you.

    The big question: What is the best Google Tool or application to date?