Bafana Bafana name change long overdue

Upon surfing the net this afternoon, I see that Safa are headed in the direction of a name change, among other things, for Bafana Bafana. Well, it’s about damn time isn’t it? Safa, which is the one sports body in South Africa that will always be in the headlines for screw-ups and double dealing and…

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Spot-fixing culprits get their just deserts

The ICC, not the most renowned organisation for getting things done (or doing them properly), showed some welcome grit when handing down the verdicts in the now infamous spot-fixing scandal against Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and former captain Salman Butt. For those not familiar with the details of the case, the three cricketers were…

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Cold War adversaries the sleeping giants of rugby

There is an ominous threat hanging over the established order of the oval ball, from lands large and rich in diversity. Since the coming of the professional era, rugby has slowly been spreading itself across continents with the IRB aiming to make the game rival soccer in popularity. It’s a tall order, but not impossible…

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An evening at the Australian Open

Grand Slam. These two words are the most important a professional tennis player will hear in his or her respective career. It is the height of achievement in the tennis world where being a Grand Slam champion means your name is written into the folklore of the sport (and big endorsement deals perhaps). Four are…

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Sports cash cows killing the meaning of rivalry

Have you ever seen a film where there are two characters, each pushing their own agenda, whose paths are destined to collide because it is just so? It’s a popular story arc in fictionalised works all over the world, since it gives a clear distinction between sides. Once the reader or viewer can see who…

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Will the Proteas finally get the monkey off their back?

The Cricket World Cup (CWC) and South Africa have never had the best of relationships. Like two people who share a tempestuous love, they seem to be perfect for each other but invariably find some way to continually break up in an ugly manner, which makes conversations with your friends on that topic extremely awkward….

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The double lives of sports people

Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace, arguably one of the most celebrated pieces of fiction in the Western world. War and Peace is a story, grossly simplified, about five aristocratic families and how Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, including the spectre of the invasion itself, goes about bringing change to the Tsarist society, which…

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Melbourne ‘Bokkie’ eyes the next step

Professional rugby has seen players represent teams from all over the world, with the number of South Africans plying their trade in Europe a well-known phenomenon. One man who already knows more about travel than most is 19-year-old JP du Plessis. Du Plessis represented Western Province at the 2009 Craven Week in East London, and…

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Kallis, Pollock among SA’s all-time cricket greats

Cricket, as a sport, has a habit of indulging itself in its own legend. Players are elevated above mere mortal status to something divine, something Bradmanesque as it were, where their influence on the game goes way beyond the boundary ropes of their personal selves. Sachin Tendulkar is the best example of a man who…

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A the day at the Ashes, MCG style

It was with great trepidation that I stepped upon the metro train at Malvern Station, destined for my first ever day of Ashes cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, known to us as the MCG, or to the locals as simply “the G”. I had been there once before for a big AFL game, but…

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