Michael Trapido
Michael Trapido

Zuma: The nation’s in a state

Say it just like you would “The Lord’s Prayer”

Our President, which aren’t in Nk*ndla,
Hello, be thy lame?
Thy taxes come.
Thy e-toll be done in Gauteng,
As it is in KwaZulu-Natal and parts of the Cape.
Give us this day a policeman as commissioner.
And forgive us our minister of women,
As we sort of forgive the minister of education.
And lead us not in umshini wami,
But deliver to us during the postal strike.
For thine is the petrol price,
The trillion rand power meltdown and the info bill,
For ever and ever.
No man!


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    • Ha, ha….

      Hey Mike I thought you were Jewish, what do you know about the Lords Prayer?

    • Chris Lombard

      It’s funny but it is sad as well. Funny and sad.

    • Charlotte

      Remember when (according to Zuma) Jesus confided in him that the ANC would rule until the ‘Second Coming’? Whatever our denomination, we’re all praying that Jesus won’t take much longer.
      It would take a miracle to put this country straight after the unholy mess the Zuma-led ANC have made of it.

      P.S. Of course, Zuma has been ‘spoken to’ by as many deity’s as there are races, cultures and religions (not forgetting ‘the ancestors’, as well).
      – Like Jacob’s coat-of-many-colours, Zuma puts on a different face for each rally, depending on which crowd he is trying to appeal to for votes and the expediency each pretence brings.

      … Zuma actually speaking the truth? …or doing the honourable thing? … or not leading by misleading ? ….. well now, that’s a different matter.

    • Party Animal

      But who is really worried about the state of the nation… the important thing is the party, right?

    • Rod MacKenzie

      I think its funnier if you can read this whilst reading it from New Zealand….. but also sad. No man!

    • bernpm

      @chris Lombard: “It’s funny but it is sad as well. Funny and sad.”

      The definition of humor is: “a laugh and a tear”.

      Well done Michael.

    • Littlebobpete

      @Charlotte……very well said

    • Miss O


    • ConCision

      @ Traps

      From Your Prayers
      To Zuma’s Ears
      While Zuma fiddles with his own affairs
      Our dreams are turning into nightmares