Michael Trapido
Michael Trapido

Who died and made Kemo Immanuel Waters a Reverend?

Remember the good old days when it was only “geniuses” who could get the editor of a newspaper to print their garbage and enjoy some sort of mass circulation? It was either that, or their father knew a producer on a radio station or at a television network who was willing to air their “interesting” views, or we were spared their filth.

Not today.

Now all anyone needs is a computer, an account on Facebook or Twitter and the mind of 8-year-old and they can have a full go at whatever or whomever they like.

On Saturday morning the not-so-Reverend Kemo Immanuel Waters tweeted: “The only way to end racism is to kill a material number of whites. @helenzille your indifferent and patronizing stance is a double dare…”

On being confronted by other users of Twitter, Waters stated: “No I have not lost my mind. But it is sad that this is what it takes to give racism the attention it deserves?” and “You missed the gist of my msg… which is the only time a black man is afforded a dignified audience is when he pulls a gun.”

No doubt the not-so-Reverend is confusing self esteem and racism here. Not surprising as he is a steeming (sic) nitwit.

Of course the best way of getting rid of racism is by starting to lock up racists like his not-so-goodself.

The Oxford dictionary defines racism as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”.

[Pursuant to such beliefs] that “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”.

Unfortunately the not-so-Reverend doesn’t understand that blacks and whites (and everyone else) can be racist and his ranting is clearly a classic example of race hatred. He thinks that if the whites somehow infuriate members of the black community – such as, in his opinion, not paying them proper attention – then this constitutes racism.

No, dear: that is a case of bad manners or ill breeding, racism is something else.

But wait, there’s more! If the not-so-Reverend Waters is classified as a racist this week (which he is) then we will throw in absolutely free a whole number of criminal charges which flow directly from his inflammatory outburst.

Get out your books on Criminal Law and tear out the chapter on “compounding”. Then cross out “Criminal Law” on the cover and write “Charge Sheet: Kemo Immanuel Waters (by his mother a Reverend)” and drop it off at your local cop shop.

While there, DO NOT ask about the Kotze case because the cops think that the media and public are giving away their game plan, which is keeping him at large. If it’s your luck, they’ll have you in a holding cell with the not-so-Reverend harping on about those fecking whites.

The ANC, government and state must move quickly to take control of the issue. They are in charge of the democratic, non-racial South Africa and, as such, incitement to murder cannot ever be condoned.

Perhaps the not-so-Reverend can wow them down at Medium B Diepkloof with his stories.

He won’t have access to Twitter but you can bet the inmates will consider him the biggest twit in custody.

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    • http://none Lyndall Beddy

      From what I heard, the Reverend was upset that he had to wait for a table for half an hour in the bar of a resturant in Cape Town, in Camps Bay, in the middle of the Christmas holiday season.

      I would have expected at least an hour’s wait in those circumstances!

      Cape Townians are not racists BUT they are reclusive and socialise with their own – academics with academics, party goers with party goers etc etc Nothing liike black township culture.

    • http://none shaun

      Idiot. far too many ‘Revernds’ preaching hate in this country.

    • Judith

      There’s one born every minute and sometimes they all rush in together!

    • http://[email protected] Halalisani

      Funny I dnt remember M&G criticising Helen Zille for all her racist and sexist outbursts like “men who infect women should be jailed” as if its only men who infect women.

      Do you even know that once she called for HIV positive people to be jailed and now she’s asking for HIV to be made a specific crime. She knows very well that the majority of HIV positive people are black and most of the black people are not DA supporters any ways.

      All these suttle racist remarks she utters, do you expect the black people to remain silent?

      I guess I’m just being a ” black professional”

    • chantelle

      This is nothing. Go read some comments on Sowetanlive. I do however understand what he has to say about a black man and a gun. Many years ago I heard ” Q: Wat noem jy ‘n k****r met ‘n gun? A: MENEER!” Maybe he heard that one too.

    • http://[email protected] Halalisani

      The Dutch Reformed church had and still has many such white racist reverends how come their being reverend is never called into question.

    • Cliff Smith

      Twitter is surely one of the quickest ways to make a Twit of oneself. This fellow’s backpedaling efforts reveal his original inability to make his original statement with clarity and an absence of ambiguity.

    • GarethV

      Quick question: Do dictionaries offer varying definitions of the term ‘racism’ and if so to what degree and based on whose definition in the first place?

    • mike venter

      Halalisani #
      The Dutch Reformed church had and still has many such white racist reverends how come their being reverend is never called into question.
      Your responses are exactly the proof why people must be better screened when making comments on forums and blogs and the lot.

      To answer your question, because white reverends do not go around telling people to kills blacks. And please name a few white racist reverends while you are at it so that they can be called into question.

      If you take the time to search you will find that some columnist and M&G did criticised Zille for her uttering.

      Like she said do not be a professionalism black it is demeaning.

      And to see how racist your fellow blacks can be go look at Politicsweb and Sowetanlife at the vile racist remarks there. Anonymity on forums are an evil people must show their place of work, photo, real name and surname and such before they are allowed to post. That will stop the keyboard jockeys from posting the utter rubbish that they do.

    • RationalResponse


      Question. If HIV/AIDS infects both male and female of all races how precisely is calling for the prosecution and jailing of people who deliberately spread the virus “racist” and “sexist”? Love to hear your answer, it will be an education.

    • Jan Swart

      Hitchens was right: religion really does poison everything. Especially, it seems, tiny minds. I’d look up the words “immature, self-righteous prick” for the good reverend, but I’m sure he has a mirror somewhere.

    • http://none Lyndall Beddy

      “Racism” is an American obssession, now spread by Black Americans through all of Africa by influencing and infiltrating their “liberation” movements.

      The differences of culture,language,religion,historical myths, national pride,tribalism, sex etc are much more significant reasons for wars and conflicts,but these are given different names by Black Racists.

      What is xenophobia if not the same as racism?

      What is the targeting of the Black Tamil minority in Sri Lanka by the brown majority, if it is not also racism?

      What is the suppression of the Tibetan culture by the Han Chinese communists if it is not also racism?

      Both Imperialist Russian and Chinese Communism, and Imperialist American Republican Democracy are attempts by a majority to enforce their beliefs and cultures on minorities – all in the name of “majority rule of the people”.

    • chantelle

      Halalisani, no, please get your facts straight. Hellen Zille asked that anyone who is HIV positive, and DOES NOT declare their status to their sexual partner, therefor KNOWINGLY infecting that partner ( should he/she become infected) should be jailed. I agree with her. Would you be happy if your sexual partner had HIV, knew she had HIV and DID NOT tell you, and infected you?

    • chantelle

      Halalisani, the dominees from the Dutch Reformed church study for seven years and have to pass exams, the same eg a doctor has to before they can become a dominee in the church.

    • Hugh

      As far as I know, anybody who feels like it can call themselves “Reverend” without any official permission, or legal penalty for misuse. Media should clarify be adding “.. of the blikkies church (or similar)

    • Maggie

      Instead of jailing racists, the authorities here promote it. SA must be the only country in the world where ‘they were laughing at us because we spoke our native language’ (ala Dana), ‘we waited 40 mins for a table’, can be classified as racism. Perhaps RACISM should be defined so that it does not get confused with feelings of inferiority (or superiority), jealousy and other emotions that are just too easily dismissed as being racist.

    • Lesego

      Halalisani #

      Not forgetting the many racist white commenters here on TL. In fact theres nothing racist about what Rev Waters tweeted as whites are the race thats racist.

    • Lesego

      mike venter #

      The other racist tendency about whites is always defending their fellow whites all the time. Be it judges, etc. Sometimes I have this feeling that you whites think that blacks are stupid enough to not able to realise that.

    • Bryan

      The only time “racism” will be a thing of the past is when human beings can describe the physical characteristics of each other with same awe and wonder and respect that we currently do when looking at a garden of different kinds of roses.

    • Rambau Fhatuwani

      Mr Trapido, I tend to disagree with you, there is no way that Blacks can be racist. Racism is part of White people’s way of life and culture. In most cases, Blacks respond with anger and sometimes violence to racial attitutes as a mechanism to defend themselves against white Inc subjugation. I thought you are a thought leader but you are just like another white inc agent.

    • SucramT

      @Halalisani # Oh come on.. are you kidding me? You don’t have the facts straight here, and Helen Zille did NOT advocate the killing of other people!! Stick to the story buddy.. This Waters is clearly deranged…

    • The Praetor

      @ Jan Swart,

      Anything for a below the below the belt jab at religeon!

      How on earth does religeon have anything to do with this matter? Because this ‘small minded’ person calls himself a ‘reverend’?

      There are billions of people who have religeon, and would never utter such garbage as the ‘reverend’
      So be careful as not to put yourself in the catergory of…’small mindedness’

      The Praetor

    • http://www.homecomingrevulsion.com Guinnessholic

      Does it not disturb remaining South Africans that there was no jump to defend whites their honour in this, by the general black South African public? This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced this tacit response. And why wasn’t there a huge political outcry? And where was the law in all of this?

      Of all the anti-white rhetoric doing the rounds out there in SA, I have yet to hear of a black South African – let alone a large number of them – who is publicly incensed that his fellow Saffers are being attacked in this way. On the contrary it seems. They appear to readily and eagerly join in on the maulings.

      It does not bode well. There is definitely a rumbling of discontent and aggressive behaviour coming from certain quarters, and the punch-bag always appears to be of the same pale hue, and for the most innocuous of reasons too.

    • Joe Pass

      Maybe he’s a Julius copy cat?

    • myth

      Being “black”, certainly. Professional? No way..

    • MLH

      Like Guinessholic, I get increasingly bored with illogical and racial slurs cast against caucasions for the sake of sport and effect.
      I’ve just criticised S Moodley on the maths literacy post for making a racial comment, even though he didn’t mention the word ‘black’. I now begin to see his point.
      Reverends need letters after their name to be credited with the title. People who don’t want to wait for restaurant tables book ahead and pitch up at the right time. I happen to agree with Zille’s opinion about those who mislead their lovers by withholding critical information about their health. I think people who perpetrate so-called xenophobic crimes should also be jailed. Religion is not the source of all evil; used as an excuse, though, it is no better than any other crime.
      If we are all to be considered equal and alike, it is absolutely certain that black people are as capable of being racist as white people. And there being so many more black than white people in South Africa, the law of averages dictates that South African whites probably encounter far more racism on a daily basis from black people than black people do from whites.
      Which means we probably have had more practise in rising above it than black people. In the case of all this ‘racist CT’ tripe, Zille would probably have done better to let it ride; she didn’t! More fool she.

    • http://www.webmail.co.za nzs

      Bottom line, from Trapido’s ranting (and all the sanctimonious whingeing of mostly the white commenters in this blog), is that he confirms what the dear Reverend said – that, for a black man to be taken seriously by the whites, all he requires is to wag a finger (or a gun).

      Just like you, Trapido, I agree with the reverend (especially now that you have seen it fit to respond to the dear Reverend’s Twitter).

      Can someone please hand out a gun to all those who want to be taken seriously? Any offers from the Gun South Africa?

    • http://www.webmail.co.za nzs


      Try this and see how far you will get with your Helen Zille-crazed fans on Thoughtleader (many even get p***ed off when the party led by the high-cheek boned and eccentric, botox-filled eccentric is referred to as the Dumb A$$-wipe [DA]):

      “The Dumb A$$-wipe (DA) provincial government must move quickly to take control of the simmering racial relations in the Western Cape, over which they (Dumb A$$-wipes) have been indifferently lording over in that province. They are in charge of that undemocratic, racial South African provice and, as such, incitement to race relations (who remembers Theuns Botha’s election campaign pronouncement, for which he got no repudiation from his party, that the voters should not vote for the ANC as this will make the provide led by a black premier?) cannot ever be condoned.”

      Try it and see how far you will go, Trapido…

    • mike venter

      “//Rambau Fhatuwani #
      Mr Trapido, I tend to disagree with you, there is no way that Blacks can be racist. Racism is part of White people’s way of life and culture. In most cases//”

      Seriously sir, blacks are racist, FACT!! Do you think Xenophobia is not racism? You are on a slippery slope with this kind of thinking.

      “//Lesego #
      Halalisani #
      Not forgetting the many racist white commenters here on TL. In fact theres nothing racist about what Rev Waters tweeted as whites are the race thats racist.//”

      Lesego so what you say is it is okay to kills whites you agree with the Rev? How do you think genocide started and the atrocities of apartheid were called by people in the same view as you now? You need to start using your brain and not rely on emotions.

    • http://walterpike.com Walter Pike

      It is the biggest cop out ever the idea that blacks cannot be racist – merely having the mind set that says that all members of a certain race are “the same” makes one racist. It means that your world view is based on race. It is also the most stupid of all generalisations – the idea that skin pigmentation is the defining characteristic of a person is totally without any scientific validation – it is simply invalid. It is also not useful for the future and amounts to an excuse.

    • http://[email protected] shocked citizen of the new generation

      I am shocked, and in awe in the remarks about this article. From religion to racism.

      Firstly, it is those who exploit religion to gain power who are þhe bad people. There are those who follow, worship and live humble lives, and loving lives.

      I look at some of these comments, and then look at elections. Its the same thing. Most black people defending black people, most white defending white. Black vote for black, white vote for white. This statement could create many negative comments, but you know what. The proof is in the pudding. I asked a friend at varsity once, who are you voting for. He said ANC. And I asked why? He said “coz they are black. I will never vote for a white person.”

      Only when we can move past the tone of our skin, then can we only live as equals. The new generation do not see colour in most cases, but parents and comments and “reverends” like these create the racist culture which still exist.

    • http://www.markwiddicombe.com Mark Widdicombe


      I find it amazing and miraculous that you are able to determine the skin colour of posters here. I don’t see any photographs. Perhaps you should apply to the JREF who are offering a million dollar prize to anyone who can demonstrate supernatural powers.

    • chantelle

      Mark, and he can even see everyone’s political affiliation. Wait for it, wait for it…..next comes the “moron” label. What a gifted person. That said, I do hear the “reverend”. Lately I’ve heard a lot of whites saying that the apartheid government failed dismally. They should just have sent up all the fighter jets they had at that time (they even had pilots) and dropped bombs on all the townships simultaneously, and we’d not have any of the problems we have today. But I hear Traps. A reverend is a member of a Christian church, and no Christian leader will make these utterances.

    • Traps

      @shocked citizen of the new generation – Amen. There should not be a distinction. If you believe that a person has merit or otherwise this should not be based on their race.

      If a white Reverend had said kill blacks you would have heard me.

      If the not-so-Reverend had said that he believed that blacks are ignored in places like a restaurant he would have had our sympathy. Saying that a black man needs a gun to be noticed is garbage. Seems to me that many of the older generation need to get over an inferiority complex. Particularly as they are, in the main, the leaders of this country.

      Our young black presenters, sportsmen and women, executives etc generally seem to be far more confident.

      Because of Apartheid I understand how this could arise but inciting racist murder is never going to be tolerated by me.

    • http://www.webmail.co.za nzs

      shocked citizen of the new generation,

      Why don’t you also proceed and make observation of another evidently skewed electoral behaviour of many whites in SA (who vote en masse for the Dumb-A$$-wipes), just to carry on with your point that people vote according to the colour of their leaders’ skin in this country? You want to tell us that you had to be content with making an example of only your “[black] friend at varsity once” to illustrate your point? Duh?

      Quite what it is that makes many of your ilk to have a problem when black people vote for the black-led ANC, when in fact an overwhelming majority of whites vote for the white-led and -controlled Dumb A$$-wipes (DA)? There is, and should be, no shame in referring to the Dumb A$$-wipes (DA) as the white-led and -controlled party (looking after the interests of…, well you know who), as much as the ANC is a black-led and -controlled party (that looks after the interests of all those who were previously oppressed).

      This twaddle about the so-called ‘opportunity for all’ that the Dumb A$$-wipes sings is just a smokescreen to brainwash Lindiwe Mazibuko, the compulsively-smiling (yet ineffectual and politically impotent) Joe Seremane, attention-seeking Maimane and many uncritical white masses that predictably vote for the Dumb A$$-wipes (DA). To create an illusion of change, just dangle the leadership carrots in front of Uncle Joe and his black entourage within the party, and have them believe that they have…

    • jandr0

      @nzs: “the ANC is a black-led and -controlled party (that looks after the interests of all those who were previously oppressed).”

      And that is where you are being led astray. The OLD ANC wanted to look after everyone in South Africa. The NEW ANC is only looking after themselves, while continually spin-doctoring their “struggle credentials” at those who remain blindly loyal to what the ANC apparently used to be.

      As to loyalty:

      “To the free man, the country is the collection of individuals who compose it, not something over and above them… he regards government as a means, an instrumentality, neither a grantor of favours and gifts, nor a master or god to be blindly worshipped and served.” – Milton Friedman

    • http://www.webmail.co.za nzs

      To create an illusion of change, just dangle the leadership carrots in front of Uncle Joe and his black entourage within the party, and have them believe that they have any semblance of power and influence – while the truth is out there for all to see that mlungu (white) is, and has been, pretty much in charge and control.

    • http://www.homecomingrevulsion.com Guinnessholic

      It appears that Shocked Citizen, nzs and a few others miss the larger and more important point here. To wit, blacks appear quick to defend the rantings of lunatic racist clap-trap when the target is white, and rarely if ever come out in defense of white people in any given circumstance in the NuSA.

      If a white person had suggested he needs a gun to kill a large whoop of black people to make some sort of juvenile point, he would have been shunned by white South Africans, and roundly condemned as someone who needs to get with the times. White outrage would have been at the forefront defending black honour.

      So, that being said, why is the reverse not true?

    • http://www.webmail.co.za nzs


      “…The OLD ANC wanted to look after everyone in South Africa. The NEW ANC is only looking after themselves…”

      Wrong. In fact, that’s what your Dismal Alternative (DA) has brainwashed its electorate into thinking. The ANC was established to fight against the injustices of oppression of black people generally, and Africans in particular. Part of the reason it was changed (from African Natives National Congress) to the ANC in 1923 was to embrace all black people (not just Africans) in its fold.

      The problem is that you listen to people like the high-cheek-boned and hyperactive Helen “don’t-be-a-professional-black” Zille to re-write history, under the false hope that the majority of the people in South Africa would not see the Dismal Alternative (DA) for what it is: a white party with the white interests at heart.

    • jack sparrow

      nzs, unbelievable that all you have is insult and lies (“re-write history; where?). Are you Jimmy Manye? Why not try and argue rationally and factually. The truth is that the current ANC government is steadily making the poor poorer by denying them land ownership (why isn’t there individual title in tribal areas?) and education. I believe that this is due to cadre deployment incompetence leading to corruption and poor service delivery. I do not care who is in government; this culture needs changing. A minor little debate about race is a smokescreen for incompetence and theft. What do you thin about tenderpreneurs?