The Social Justice Lens
The Social Justice Lens

Over the rainbow – voices from the margins of South Africa

Why poverty?

In a country where only 8% of the total national income is shared by 50% of the population the problem of inequality persists 20 years into our new democracy.

While a quarter of all South Africans live on $1.82 a day the top 20% (10 million people) enjoy 75% of the national income.

Media for Justice travels to poor communities around South Africa to hear the voices of people living in the margins of our society.



Why racism?


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    • Johan Pretorius

      Anti-DA propaganda much ?

      Scripted much ?

    • Lucy

      Thanks for this. We need more videos like this which reflect what is really going on in all provinces. Until then we wount know if really in 20 years we getting what we all aimed for 20 years back. I guess both videos reflect that our leadership in all provinces is not doing enough to hear what its people need. They have now risen above the needs of the people. Really sad as there are leaders who want to do this, but the majority are now only concerned about their own agendas (both black and white), no wonder youth don’t want to vote because all leading parties fall short of what they are chosen to do.Regardless, as a South African I will vote and will continue to work towards chaning my country to be a better place for all black and white. After all this is my home I like all South Africans no, no other home.

    • Media for Justice

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment Lucy.

    • francois williams

      We are almost as bad as the USA…almost…