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The disaster that is Metrorail

A few years ago I relocated to Pretoria. I only had one friend who happened to use the Metrorail train strictly and being new to the place I followed suit. I found it to be a very novel experience, especially since I’m from Mahikeng where the only form of public transport is taxis. Apart from…

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Gautrain Exodus

Not minding your manners on the Gautrain is a punishable offence. It is worse than not paying. You can get blacklisted with a credit bureau for humming a jaunty tune, cursing the lack of cellular signal in the tunnel, or even for trying to use your mobile phone. – Daily Maverick __ And Bombay Concession…

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Get me to the Gautrain on time

So I need to travel to Cape Town. Just for a day, to give a talk to a school on social media. I might squeeze in a couple of other meetings to make the most of the fact that I’m there. At most, booking a flight should take me five minutes, right? As it turns…

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