Sentletse Diakanyo
Sentletse Diakanyo

The fabricated case against Bin Laden

Barack Obama rode the wave of victory that promised change; an unprecedented triumph in the political history of the US by this son of a Kenyan immigrant. Obama’s message of hope and change resonated with American voters and the rest of the world. Even the detractors of the most powerful nation on earth, militarily, began to view the US much more favourably; confident in the knowledge that the global politics were entering a new epoch of peace and harmonious relations among nations. There was bloated expectation that frosty relations between the US and the Muslim world would open a new chapter. Obama, when speaking in Cairo in 2009, promised to heal the rift between the US and the Muslim world. A promise that appeared genuine and sincere at the time.

But this is the US we are talking about. A nation with a glowing track record of screwing others in the pursuit of national interest and the spread of Western fundamentalism, which is premised on the values of democracy and a free-market system. Why did we imagine that would suddenly change because a coloured guy was now a US president? We certainly were very naive.

The respected sanusi Credo Mutwa immediately after the historic victory of Obama in 2008, released a rather unflattering poem about the new US president. It read:

An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life
wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon’s gown.
Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life
holding out hope as bright as it is false.
Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood
of ancient Ireland and dark Africa’s plains.
You are Obama, nick-named the standing king
You are Barack, oh, son born to deceive

At time, the poem appeared very cynical as we were thoroughly inebriated with the euphoria of the time. But upon reflection, after two years of the Obama presidency, suddenly some of us have a light-bulb moment; a bit of a collective slap on the forehead. How could we have been so naive to have thought that Obama would be any different to all the other US presidents before him? Well, we were not alone. Even the Nobel Committee was duped by eloquent rhetoric and awarded a warlord a Nobel Peace Prize. We have learnt that he has launched more drone attacks in Afghanistan in two years than his predecessor managed in eight years. He sent more US troops to Afghanistan in an escalation of the so-called “war on terror”. At least that was one of the election promises he managed to keep, unlike someone we know in Pretoria.

In an October 2008 debate with Republican nominee John McCain, Obama said the following: “If we have Osama bin Laden in our sights and the Pakistani government is unable or unwilling to take them out, then I think that we have to act, and we will take them out. We will kill Bin Laden. We will crush al-Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority.”

Obama’s determination on going it alone in the hunt for Bin Laden if Pakistan did not play along, mirrored the threat to the international community by George W Bush when he addressed a joint session of Congress in the aftermath of 11 September 2001 and said: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

Again, Obama kept his promise of acting with or without Pakistan. On May 1 2011, the elite unit of the US army, the Navy Seals, were authorised to kill Bin Laden in Pakistan. The US, consistent with its past behaviour, violated the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan when the Seals embarked on a military operation to kill Bin Laden in Abbottabad without the knowledge and authorisation of the Pakistani government. Even more shocking was the celebration of this blatant breach of international law by the secretary general of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, when he praised this unlawful operation.

Over the years the hunt for Bin Laden had been given the veneer of legitimacy by recurrent accusations against him for every terrorist activity without any conclusive evidence. Some lies have been repeated with such consistent regularity that they have been taken as the gospel truth. The media is guilty of assisting in spreading US propaganda. Since 2001 we have been fed nauseating propaganda that Bin Laden was the “mastermind of 9/11″. The Bush administration went to pathetic lengths to link Bin Laden to the deaths of 2 700 people who perished at the World Trade Centre, by publicising a doctored tape by the CIA purporting to show Bin Laden gloat about 9/11. Some claim the tape is a fake. Bin Laden never claimed responsibility for 9/11 nor was he ever formally indicted by the FBI as a 9/11 instigator. The head of the FBI, Robert Mueller, informed the media in 2002 that the FBI after a lengthy investigation could substantiate allegations that Bin Laden was the mastermind of 9/11. The Taliban after 9/11 offered to extradite Bin Laden to the US, if they were presented with evidence, but of course the US dismissed this offer because they had no credible evidence to support their allegations.

The Obama administration has continued to keep the deceit alive. When announcing the unlawful execution of Bin Laden, Obama claimed that justice for families and victims of 9/11 was served; which is absolute rubbish. Bin Laden had been used as justification for the unlawful military excursion in Afghanistan and everywhere else under the false pretext of combating terrorism. If Bin Laden was the mastermind, then what was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

The FBI had also indicted and charged Bin Laden with the 1998 bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people. It is uncertain what evidence the US had against Bin Laden for those bombings. Whether it was invented or genuine, it will never be tested in a court of law because the US opted to summarily execute him without subjecting him to due process of the law. That Bin Laden may have praised the attacks does not make him responsible.

What is known is that the Egyptian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for these bombings. How come we never hear this group mentioned anywhere when the 1998 bombing is reported? That it is an affiliate of al-Qaeda doesn’t mean that each of its murderous activities is sanctioned and planned by al-Qaeda or Bin Laden. Even having its leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, as al-Qaeda’s number two cannot be a direct indictment on al-Qaeda. We don’t blame the ANC for what the SACP does, do we? Even though we know SACP leaders are leaders in the ANC. However, the US uses different standards to suit its own nefarious agenda.

Ramzi Yousef was sentenced to life without parole in February 1998 for orchestrating the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Centre. Yet the general propaganda is centred on Bin Laden being responsible for this as well. The same pattern had persisted in response to the 2000 attack on the US destroyer USS Cole in Yemen. Another group affiliated to al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. In Mogadishu, Somalia, in 1993, US Navy Seals were mowed down in what was subsequently known as the Battle of Mogadishu. Al-Qaeda was repeatedly mentioned as being behind the killing of US soldiers, when it was Somali militias led by warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid who embarrassed the US.

Al-Qaeda had made it no secret that killing civilians is its aim, and indeed it has killed countless civilians in a number of attacks. However, their body count of civilians pales into insignificance when juxtaposed with the thousands of civilians who have perished at the hands of the US. The Iraq body count of civilian deaths has now exceeded 100 000 since 2003. The US would justify its crime by calling deaths of these many innocent women and children as “collateral damage”. They will claim these civilians were not intentionally targeted. But by specifically targeting a populated civilian area as what happened during the “Shock and Awe” operation in Baghdad in 2003, the US was targeting civilians. Is this the case of unleashing unprecedented amount of terror in the fight against terrorism? Fighting evil with evil? How about living up to the pretences of moral authority that the US claims?

Bin Laden was ill and has been ill for a long time, and most probably no longer in direct command of al-Qaeda. Why did the US choose to kill a sick and unarmed man in such cold blood, in front of his wives and children? What happened to the presumption of innocence before being proven guilty? This is like clubbing a man in a wheelchair to death. Respect for the rule of law is not something that appears to be ingrained in the DNA of the US. US Attorney General Eric Holder claims that their unlawful operation “was lawful” because “it was in self-defence”.

The events that happened in Pakistan once again reaffirm to the world that some countries are a law unto themselves. Multilateral institutions are there to be abused for their nefarious ends. The duplicity of the US has not created a better place. The death of Bin Laden has not ended the wave of so-called terrorism across the globe. It may in fact have the opposite effect to what the US hoped for.

Che Guevara said to his Bolivian executioner: “Shoot, coward! You are only going to kill a man.” An ideology does not die with a man. Communism persisted long after Karl Marx died; Christianity survived long after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The US has created an enemy in that 12-year-old of daughter of Bin Laden, who had to witness her father summarily executed in front of her eyes.

“The worst are full of passionate intensity.” — WB Yeats

  • Mpumi

    @Sentletse- the discussion is probably stale by now but I hope U get this comment.I understand your point about “extra-judicial killings” I am a firm believer in civil rights(our constitution to be precise) However this has to be viewed in context. By context I mean the rights in our constitution have to be considered on the facts, they are not absolute. Imagine if 9/11 had occured in Jozi CBD? If the group that commited that crime made pronouncements claiming the deed and assuming our authorities had the intel to confirm this, I would have no issues as a citizen with our armed forces hunting them down and killing them, without due process. I think I appreciate your point about mantaining the rule of law, but in some instances extremists must be dealt with by employing extreme prejudice.

  • Dave

    Of course, we’ve only the Americans’ word that there was such a thing as the “World Trade Center” at all, let alone that it was bombed, by al-Qaeda or otherwise.

  • Sipho

    Is it possible that the pro American white people who post here can engage Sentletse without being racist. All Africaness who have posted here have engaged Sentletse on the points he made rather than refer to his Afrcaness, like randomly mentioning the education in this country and the government. What for? Hate the government all want but try to be rational about it. It’s good for your heart.

  • http://aol fergie

    @Preator, most people commenting on this page forgot what the world was like when the US had a policy of isolation from the world. The Japanese tries to take over all of Asia and the Germans tried to take over all of Europe that caused ww2. In this war over 100 million people died. Since the US has been active in world affairs there have been some brush fires but, there have not been a WW3. For those that are criticizing the US for their behavior in the world what would Africa do if they are attacked by India or Pakistan? Most of Africa is too weak to build a military force to protect itself so they need the USA. Most of you commenting on this page and this includes my friend Sentletse, think the world was run of right but, the world is run off might. By the way the taxpayers in the US could save a lot of money if the US withdraw from world affairs. However, in a long term it would cost them more to defend themselves from foreign aggression.

  • Paul Barrett

    Sentletse actually has a good point this time. The US used a ridiculous excuse to invade another nation and cause massive death and destruction in pursuit of a goal of questionable value. Even were it 100% proven that Osama was responsible for 911, the actions of the US were unjustified.

    Will the defenders of their actions feel the same should the US decide on similar basis to invade their home country? I very much doubt it.

    I just wish Sentletse had left out all the stuff about Osama, because it is irrelevant to the point.

    @Grant: you display a lack of enlightenment yourself with statements such as “most white Westerners have been duped for many years by the USA” and “Most Westerners are as brainwashed…”

    You clearly haven’t been in contact with many white Westerners over the last decade, and have avoided reading blogs, forum comments and newspaper articles on the subject, preferring your pre-formed opinion (or you have filtered whatever did not fit your preconceptions.) There are a lot of us who are neither brainwashed nor supportive of the actions taken by US (and UK; I don’t get how they get left out of this and all blame assigned to the US alone.)

  • Patrick

    I have no idea what Sentletse’s objective is here, but it can not possibly be that OBL is the aggreieved party here. Furthermore i do not know what authentication/proof he requires, its not like ALQ is a listed concern from which an official position can be obtained. That having been said though as a matter of principle “extra judicial killings” can never be justified no matter how vile the victim, moreover even at war the killing of unarmed enemy combatants is not permissable nor is it morally estute. I guess in the end it was summed up best as follows “there are no innocents in the leadership of nations and movements only ambitious driven people who change our world in response to what they perceive to be right in their paradigm”

  • GarethV

    Sentletse Diakanyo c’mon Bin Laden led an organisation that attacked civilians in the United States and several other nations – that has never been under dispute.
    The fact that Al-Qaeda had several other organisations claiming all kinds of terror attacks under its name is pretty damning edidence in itself and shows the power that Bin Laden had.
    The US in my opinion had a clear right of self-defence regarding bin Laden and al Qaeda
    The US declared war on Al-Qaeda following the attack on 9/11…Bin Laden was a soldier in that war.
    There was no doubt about bin Laden’s guilt; since he himself regularly proclaimed it…he did not surrender when the US forces entered his house.
    Al Qaeda members take oaths not to any nation or any vision, but to bin Laden personally.

    “I suppose if the Boeremag had bombed the Gautrain and released a videotape, claiming they represented al-Qaeda, we’d all have said Osama was the mastermind” – childish comment and not worthy of rebuttal.

  • Sue

    One man’s leader is another man’s terrorist. Great article.

  • Stephen

    How unacceptably ignorant can a man who calls himself an african be, your article is more messed up than the whole issue of Osama and Obama! You should be prosecuted for your irresponsible and degrading comments, it is men like you Sentletse that our planet is in disarray, your world views are completely inaccurate and misleading. I want to put this in your own perspective maybe you will understand, if somebody came into your home and stole your TV, what would you do? Do you go and write and article and praise him of being a hero/champion for the poor or do you go straight to the police and report a crime? Don’t be a hypocrite. Osama is the enemy, he killed our very own south africans in that bloody world trade centre disaster, what do you say to that?

  • Stephen

    I have read through a couple of comments on this article and let me tell you guys something, i see the world coming to an end. How can you all debate about a matter like this! This is an open and closed case, first of all the ALQ is not a business, not an NGO, not a humanitarian aid agency, it is not registered anywhere, never! They kill without looking at colour, race or status, but now you guys want to give OBL status by saying his killing was unlawful, gruesome and inappropriate! Ai, you are not humans! period! You talk about law, courts, trials, etc. Osama did not write an application to the UN when they drove their planes into the world trade centre 2001. I was only 15 at that time, i didn’t understand fully what was going but i cried the whole week. I had never heard or seen so many people die at the same time like that before. All your pro-osama’s you belong with him in the sea. Talk about sovereignty, what crap! Do we really need that in situations like this?

  • Brian Koch

    It’s not what they did to us, it’s what we did to us.

  • Tony in Virginia

    Sentletse claims that it is a lie that Osama bin Laden masterminded the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. Maybe Osama bin Laden’s son will convince him. If not, then nothing else will.

    Sentlese do yourself a favour and read this:,8599,1932318,00.html

    Especially this excerpt: ‘…The younger bin Laden fled Afghanistan only when it become clear that Osama was planning a massive attack on the U.S., but he still couldn’t accept that his father was responsible for 9/11 until months later, when he heard the familiar voice on audiotape claiming credit for the attacks. “That was the moment to set aside the dream I had indulged, feverishly hoping the world was wrong and it was not my father who brought about that horrible day,” he writes. “This knowledge drives me into the blackest hole.” …’

    I think, Sentletse, you owe your readers a big apology for misleading them.

  • The Praetor

    @MLH…you take things too literal. It was a hypothetical question on what the sentiments would be, if we had been in the shoes of the US

  • The Praetor

    @ Ndile…The UN is a man-made creation, and as man-made creations go…patently flawed!

  • Paul Whelan

    Those interested in finding an answer to all this anguishing might like to consider that OBL was a holy warrior who died in a war he believed to be just.

    The thought should provide some kind of satisfaction to both sides.

  • chantelle

    Sentletse, like Vivian I’d also like to know why you think the US would fabricate the case against OBL. I agree with you that they had no right to execute him without a trial in another country, but you don’t only make that point. You go at great lengths to say that the case against him was fabricated. Why? Did he hold some other power over them, or did they simply draw his name out of a lucky packet and decided to blame him for everything? Come on, you’ve answered so many other commentators, why not Vivian?

  • Sentletse Diakanyo

    @VIVIAN, it would be naive to assume that the so-called “War on Terror” is aimed at establishing global peace and security. The world has been less safe since this absurd western military adventure began. At the heart of this military machismo is the advancement of the West’s economic interests. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism threatens economic interests of the West. All these so-called “terrorist organisations” fight for the establishement of Islamic states in the Arab world; and that would undermine interests of the West. Bin Laden was necessary to launch this “war on terror” and ensure that Western interest are advanced in the Arab world.

    The Nazi in 1993 burnt down the Reichstag and Hitler used that as a pretext to consolidate his power and establish a murderous dictatorship in Germany. The US needed an enemy to advance its interests in the Arab world. Bin Laden was the perfect villian. They did the same with Saddam. Where are the WMD?

    Let’s not be naive!

  • Kwame

    @ Sentletse, I gues you are faced with a mountain of brainwashing from western propaganda, because so far there seems to be a great denial of the breach of international law in as far as the ‘assasination’ of Bin Laden. Our laws are upheld by integrity, and there is a clear distinction between those that break the laws and those that maintain them. Even if Bin Laden had turned out to be a mass murderer, it does’nt justify any unarmed person to be first shot in the chest and then in the head.

    For me it was a sad day to see a highly esteemed nobel laureate Mr Obama, celebrate the ‘death’ of another human being. I believe humanity really needs to look at itself in the mirror, as such actions are detrimental to our future.

    Just to add to the debate, how many denialists are aware that Bin Laden’s HQ in Tora Bora was built by the CIA; that the US armed the Taliban; Saddam Hussein was financed and armed by the US; That Gaddafi’s $billions come from the west; That Hamas was a US/Israel project, and the list goes on and on. In the end, who is fooling who? And that’s the question that Hosni Mubarak is faced with, now that he is no longer the flavour of the month as far as the west is concerned!

  • Lebo

    “If you believe conspiracy theories, please do us a favour and say so, rather than pushing them as fact”: This is how people are intimidated into accepting government lies. By suggesting an alternative theory to the government’s own conspiracy theory, one is labelled a conspiracy theorist, which seems to be an insult these days. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Wikileaks has exposed numerous conspiracies by the very US government, that if I had suggested them before Wikileaks, I would have been called a crackpot.

    Consider this, let’s say Bin Ladin was guilty of 9/11, and he really was killed on 1 May, why in the world did it take so long when he wasn’t even hiding? Why does the CIA not have a picture of him after their months of high tech surveillance and watching him take walks in the yard? If he wasn’t armed and only one person resisted at the beginning of the “firefight”, why did they not take him alive to find out where he’s hiding his operatives and nuclear arsenal? Why throw him into the ocean and why no pictures when this was never deemed appropriate for Saddam and his sons?

    Finally, many Americans, university professors, pilots, army generals, politicians, scientists, etc. do not believe the official government story about 9/11. Worst of all, it has already been proven and scientific journals published about the use of military grade thermate to bring down the world trade centre towers, not planes. Google it!!!!

  • Lebo

    The answer to the question “why fabricate the lie against OBL?” lies in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), an American think tank that lasted from early 1997 to 2006 and formed the basis of Bush’s foreign policy: American global hegemony and military dominance. Google it!!

    Signatories included Jeb Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc. They stated that they needed a Pearl Harbour to mobilise their population and to make suspension of civil liberty provisions of the consitution possible. The Patriot Act which was passed days after 9/11 apparently in response to the event, achieved this aim. What was not anwswered was how the act was drafted so quickly after the event. What we do know is that the law makers never read it!! Michael Moore referred to this in Fahrenheit.

    Bin Ladin was the fall guy. Forget conspiracies, let’s try common sense. How does a sickly old man in a cave in the middle of nowehere execute an elaborate attack on the most secure country on earth, the most secure airspace in the world (Pentagon) while on a kidney dialysis machine, using operatives that are already on FBI watchlists, using 757’s whose black boxes, landing gears, seats, etc. were never found? And why was the initial reaction from so many government officials around the world that this must have been an intelligence organisation operation? Google it!!!

  • Thandinkosi Sibisi

    I I disagree with most of what Sentlentse has to say.In fact I think this is a tongue in cheeck article in which he wants to draw attention to himself by being controversial.

    However I am very uncomfortable with the “extra judicial execution” of bin Laden and I am inclined to agree with Setlentse on this point.In 1962 Israel had an “operation” in which they captured Eichmann in a foreign country (Argentina)and had him tried and sentenced to death in Israel.The navy seals had every chance to do that by all accounts.Why was he summarily executed by the navy seals probably under instructions from Obama? I am no fan of Israel but I need to confess that the Israelis on that occasion earned my respect for the way they handled the Eichmann case.They had all the chance to conduct an extra judicial execution like the US did but they elected to follow due process of the law.BTW Eichmann killed several times more people than bin Laden’s Al Qaeda did. I can also add that Jews were not “just bombed”.All forms of torture that can be conjured up by the human mind were visited on the poor helpless Jews.

    I agree FULLY WITH AMERICANS on this one.Frankly I think people who say or imply that Pakistan should have been consulted about the impending raid are insincere, unintelligent or both.

  • John

    I know this is an opinion piece but in all honesty opinions like this that are based on distorted facts and fantasy need to be excluded. With this kind of garbage what value does this website have anymore? I won’t even get started on the author…

  • John

    @Lebo and all other believers of this nonsense.

    If bin Laden was innocent why did he never claim to be? Stop poluting the world with your trash!

  • Tony in Virginia

    Lebo and Sentletse,

    Is the son of Osama bin Laden lying when he says his father claimed responsibility for 9/11? Why would he lie?

    The USA owes nobody proof of bin Laden’s demise but her own people. The doubters in the USA have the ability to view the pictures of a dead bin Laden. Some lawmakers have already done so, even those who would like to see Obama dethroned ahve convinced themselves that Osama bin laden is dead. They would otherwise be the first to expose Obama’s ‘lies’ wouldn’t they?

    Bin Laden was a mass murderer and a scum of the world. He is better off dead than alive.

    I know you will say that the trove of information found in bin Laden’s hidout, including the videos and diary of bin Laden, is a CIA creation. You really need help if you believe that.

    Americans know that Osama bin Laden is dead and that is all that matters.

  • Kholekile Tshunungwa

    Only in this country can this absurdly poor level of reading comprehension and shameful attempt at critical analysis pass as provocative writing. And I’m not even talking about Sentletse, who is guaranteed and always relied upon to churn out this conspiracy-theorist garbage like clockwork; I’m actually referring to the others like Kwame and Lebo, the latter who dares someone to google “the use of military grade thermate to bring down the world trade centre towers.” Wow. Just wow !

    He even says, “…why in the world did it take so long when he wasn’t even hiding?” My jaw just dropped right there. This Lebo guy knew all along where bin Laden was ? I mean, what do you say to this ? Why can’t Billy Masetla take these geniuses and give them jobs in our spy agency ?

    Honestly, I read this online garbage, and I hear public figures make public policy based on superstition, deepseated Western suspicion and conspiracy-theory gobbledegook like this (Mbeki denialism being the apex of the braindeadness), it dawns on me that Bantu Education did more damage to the Black youth than we are willing to acknowledge.

    Intellectual discourse here exists on a whole ‘nother planet; a parallel universe of sorts. You know what ? I give up. Verwoerd won. He is smiling from the grave at this irreparable damage. This godforsaken generation will have to die before a new uninfected (in the brain) generation of Black scholars and analysts springs up from the ashes.

  • Sentletse Diakanyo

    @Tony…as I’ve been saying countless times, if the US had credible evidence that Osama Bin Laden committed all those crimes he was accused, they should have captured him and put him through trial. That’s what justice demands; not the lawlessness that we have seen in Abbotabad!

  • Sentletse Diakanyo

    @KHOLEKILE…insults and personal attacks are generally the last refuge of a man devoid of a credible and strong argument.

  • Paul Whelan

    @ Thandinkosi Sibisi

    You might like to consider this view.

    Israel brought Eichmann to justice at home instead of simply killing him abroad because that was the most powerful way to demonstrate that justice had implacably caught up with a mass murderer.

    But Israel could afford to take that course in 1962. The foul regime of which Eichmann was part had passed away. Nazi Germany was no more, no longer represented a threat to the world, and very few indeed of its key supporters were any longer around, let alone active, to take advantage by claiming Eichmann as a martyr to the cause.

    With OBL today a protracted trial would have had the opposite effect. It would have provided a divisive sensation that every extremist and AQ operative could take some kind of advantage from.

    That still leaves, of course, the charge of the ‘extra-judicial’ killing of Bin Laden unanswered. But as I have suggested above, that charge disappears if you are prepared to see the man as he undoubtedly would have seen himself: as a warrior for the faith, who died in an enemy action.

  • Oldman

    @Tony in Virginia
    I know you will say that the trove of information found in bin Laden’s hidout, including the videos and diary of bin Laden, is a CIA creation. You really need help if you believe that.

    There are too many anomalies in statements released by the White House both by Obama and others. One major and glaring anomaly lies in the fact that Pakistani officials have said that there was neither internet, phone or electricity to the home where Osama and his family resided but it was nevertheless cited, by the US Admin, as the “Command and Control Centre” from which the seals removed a “treasure trove” of computer equipment, USB sticks and mobile phones. As well, we are fed a video of an old, unkempt man watching himself on TV. This on top of the changing story and refusal to release photos. The official story is a hard to swallow.

    The Assassination of Osama bin Laden: Glaring Anomalies in the Official Narrative

  • Oldman

    Anyway, back to the videos. There he sits, on the floor, in an apparently run down dwelling, zapping away at the remote (no electricity remember) presumably also in a fantasy world – or is that the Psych-Ops one?

    The zapping on the remote is being done, and it is held in his right hand. All pictures that can be found, show him wearing his watch on his right hand (in this one he is not) and those with a gun, holding it in his left, or with it slung over his left shoulder.

    Osama bin Laden was left handed. This from the FBI “Most Wanted” notice:

    ” Bin Laden is left-handed and walks with a cane.”

    So who is it in those videos?

  • Kholekile Tshunungwa
  • Tony in Virginia


    I am not sure what anomalies you speak of. A presence of USB sticks, mobile phones and computer equipment does not necessarily suggest a presence of internet connection. These gadgets could be connected locally and as we now know, Osama bin Laden used a courier for purposes of communication. USB sticks are very handy in courier communication.

    The photos have been released for viewing by skeptics and others in the US Congress; but they are not made public for obvious reasons. Again, it does not matter what you believe Oldman- fact of the matter is that Osama bin Laden will NEVER walk on this here earth again. That is a fact.

  • Nicholas

    The world is engaged in what Mao called “the war of the flea”… In modern parlance it is called asymmetric warfare. It is a form of warfare to some extent pioneered during the peninsular war [origin Guerrilla], developed among others by the Boers in the wars of that name, refined by the Serbian Black Hand who you may recollect started the last and greatest European Civil War [1914-1918] [aka WW1] by assassinating Franz Josef during the annual civil service holidays and no one was around to stop the momentum… lovely orchestration.

    Now we have the [alleged] late Mr Bin Laden.

    What i find most curious about your diatribe/polemic is that you regard everything done by the [‘evil’… in your view,] empire as motivated by duplicity and devious lying and double dealing and yet you unconditionally accept their word that they went out and murdered Bin Laden. In other words in one breath you are telling us that Obama is a man not to be trusted and in the next you are trusting that what he said was true.

    We have no evidence really that it was true. Undoubtedly an attack took place and people died… The world believes BL to be dead and rightly says good riddance… We have no head on a spike as proof [as we once would have had, as democracies, emerging and otherwise, defended themselves against those who would use our freedom against us].

    But… What if he’s really a prisoner undergoing torture…?

  • http://charcoal Charlotte

    The letters that spell ‘evil’ and ‘vile’ are found in the word ‘drivel’.

    May God forgive you for writing all three:
    A vile piece of drivel vindicating evil.

  • W J Lubbe

    There should be a law against the propagation of falsehood. Oops, that brings to mind the Soviet Union and its worker’s paradise. Sorry!

  • James Richardson

    One falsehood that many people speak of that must be considered. Regarding the Bin Laden incident, Americans are “unified around him” and respect the decision that was made.
    In terms of his American presidency, I hope the message overseas is not that Americans overwhelmingly support his presidency in general. It’s absolutely not the truth.

  • MoBear

    It’s Santa Claus.

  • watershed

    “One man’s terrorist is another man’s Leader”.

    It is amazing how short the memory of some commenters here are: Not so long ago, Madiba was on the USA list of terrorists… and lets consider this scenario: bombing in Church Street in 1983, Magoo’s Bar, etc, and Mandela in jail saying that he will not denounce violence while his people does not have democracy. To call someone, anyone, a terrorist is imho a cop-out, a failure of addressing the root cause of the problem, and the same goes for OBL.

    The killing of OBL will not bring World Peace, it is merely another skirmish in the Battle for World Resources, that had been raging since the 1980’s. Consider why 9/11 happened in the 1st place, or why ALQ was established: US attempts to control the world oil markets. This had and still have detrimental effects on the lives of the inhabitants of the Middle East, and in reaction, there were2 choices: peaceful protest, or violence… OBL funded AQL and based it in religious fundamentalism, with peaceful protests at first. When it appeared that the Russians may control the oil resources through invading Afganistan, the USA got involved, and funded OBL. OBL realised that the US is also just after the resources, and the violence against the US started in the late 1990’s.

    9/11, instead of waking the USA up to American attrocities, presented the Bush government with an unique opportunity: (continue below)

  • watershed

    (continued from above) When 9/11 happened, Bush’s words to the American people was not “we will rally together to find out why this happened and to prevent it from happening again”, it was “Go Shopping”. Go and consume. Oil. Trinkets made in poor nations from the resources mined in those countries. Show Them We Own Them and Their Resources.

    9/11 presented an opportunity to the USA to go and control those Oil Resources of the Arab World through war and colonisation. Not only that, the military invasion into Iraq was a great opportunity for the US-based multinational corporations such as Shell and Haliburton to make a killing, both figuratively and literally. In spite of Eisenhower’s warning after WWII: “Beware the Industrial Military Complex”, this is exactly what the US have created: An international war machine that can do what it wants.

    The implications of this is scary, to say the least: For instance, if the SA Govt do not allow an US-multinational to take our resources (oil (shalegas?), gold, platinum, or if the SA people resist this multinational if they do allow it, there is nothing preventing the USA from invading SA to ‘deal with the troublemakers aka terrorists’. Implausible? Nope, it is happening right now in Nigeria – and the ‘terrorist’ is in an SA prison, awaiting ‘trial’ – Henry Okah:

    Obama will not respect the rule-of-law. The War continues…

  • Chris Martin

    @Oldman, you’ve got me worried. I am right-handed but exclusively operate my computer mouse with my left. Am I hence perhaps merely a figment of my own imagination?

    Seriously, always there will be anomalies, lies and conspiracies, especially in Politics, I suspect, and sometimes the application of insight to evident anomalies can reveal a scenario more likely than the one published, but the emphasis should be on the words “more likely”.

    I can see nothing more likely than Obama putting the focus on finding and executing the one whom literally billions see as the architect of a truly horrendous assault on the USA.

  • Doesn’t Matter

    All of your truth is based on lies.

  • citoyen

    Well said Sentletse. Spot on.
    Tony in Virginia – isn’t CIA head office in Virginia? Just wondering.

    I agree with the guy here who said “most white Westerners have been duped for many years by the USA.”

    If you go back through history, thef lies and false flag events by the USA are astounding.

    CIA helped overthrow Mossadeq in Iran during the 1950s. Gulf of Tonkin – pseudo event; Pearl Harbour – pseudo event. Iran-Contra – lies and conspiracies. Operation Gladio – CIA undercover hit teams in Europe – documented by historian Dr Daniele Ganser and others.

    The Jessica Lynch story – white US solider supposedly captured and raped by Iraqis – turned out to be a lie and public relations tale churned out by the Pentagon – along with their lies about US sportsman Pat Tillman. US lied – even to his grieving family – he’d been shot by Iraqis. All a lie – Tillman was killed by friendly fire and they had to eventually admit it.

    Anthrax sent out after 911 – allegedly from Arabs – was traced back to a secure US military lab. Americans killed, but blamed Muslims.

    The US lies and fakes, but people are led to believe, via Hollywood and worship of bratty, spoilt celebrities, that the US is great.

    US is killing brown people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan. ‘Nobel Peace Prize Winner’ Obama sends in the Predator Drones that kill civilians. Most Westerners are brainwashed by media and Hollywood that Americans are ‘good guys’. Their leadership is profit-driven, oil-hungry and narcissistic.

  • AfricanSpear

    Is this a joke ? Do people still believe that a caveman from the desert was behind 911? 2 Planes fly into a building and the whole building seems to fall down from the foundation but the impact was at the middle plus on top of that the whole building structure seems to fall inside? Sorry i am not in the construction sector but i can differentiate from reality and an act and that was pure hollywood to me talk bout western mindset is this your logic?? 1ST it was saddam for invading irag ,2nd was bin laden for Afghan now it is Gaddafi for libya they always find a man to use him as an excuse ..whos next juilius malema to invade SA ? seems to me they are using the same method history its repeating itself some of us learn from it but the western mind remains the same.

  • mezz978

    please do not forget that it’s not Africa or the Middle East. look at Central and South America and see the impact that the USA has had on them also look a japan and see the impact that the USA has had on them. this is not a a continental problem but a world problem.

  • tpb

    Fact…Osama sleeps with the fishes…he is lamprey food…and no longer as troublesome as he would have been alive or “dead and buried” in some specific location on this planet.
    Fact….There is no OsMecca that can be exploited as a xyz magnet for every single indoctrinated moslem fundamentalist who exists now or at any time in the future.

    Fact…To claim that the world would be a better place with him alive needs more than an opinion in the M&G to be conclusive. His life has not exactly been beneficial to many, including those he converted to carry out his religious work.

    Fact…Osama was no ordinary criminal, he was an active enemy combatant and thus a legit wartime target no matter what his xyz coordinates were. Once these had been identified there was no good reason to allow him to continue. Can you think of one Mo…?

    Fact…should he have been captured and subsequently tried, every new word uttered by or alleged by this potential martyr would be lapped up and encourage those religious fundamentalists who then would have no option but to do their god’s conduit’s commands. Better to cut him off at the bud.

    Fact… Osama showed no sign of giving up on his crusade…oops Jihad.
    Fact…Intelligence gathered at the scene was and remains instrumental in averting planned AlQuaida atrocities in Western Countries.

  • tpb

    Fact… His wartime death is his own doing since the day he chose to declare war on the West. He could have surrendered, but chose to live in a supportive country (effectively in Pakistan he did exactly that)…that he chose to continue the war surrounded by in general tacit support neatly circumvents all of the so-called sovereignty of those who helped shelter him.

    Fact… It would not make much sense for Obama to declare war on a Pakistan due to the presence of one man even when one takes into account that there is complicit cooperation by certain authorities within Pakistan, some whom may help govern that country.

    Fact…Decisions taken for every single anti AlQuaida operation carried out in Pakistan did not require that the USA inform those who support Osama that they were coming on over. This of course does not imply that current Political leaders within Pakistan were not aware of the operation…unofficially that is.

    Fact…Osama is dead. Pssttt!… Why are his potential victims not chearing?

    Fact…Mo…your support for the American system can be switched off at will…why is that.

  • Sannie

    I have stumbled on this article by accident 2 years after it was written and even though I do not think that some-one will read it now I would still like to give my thoughts on the article. I came to the conclusion that the writer wants to convince his readers that the USA and the west are the bad guys and Osama is the poor innocent guy and the US are just looking for an excape goat to punish. With regards to the US I have to agree that the Americans does not have many close friends in the Muslim world and they can only blame themselves. When you review the history of the last 50 years a shameful picture of the US foreig policy emerges. They have repeatedly worked against the best interest of both the people of the other country and themselves by propping up anti-domocratic regimes. However on the other side of the coin Osama is no innocent puppy.Bin Laden consistently dwelt on the need for violent jihad to right what he believed were injustices against Muslims perpetrated by the United States and sometimes by other non-Muslim states] He also called for eliminating the state of Israel ect,Bin Laden’s ideology included the concept that civilians, including women and children, are legitimate targets of jihad.Many more can be said about Osama and Al Quida. Whether the US fabricated their case against him we will most probably never know but with his background the possiblility is very good that he was indeed guilty.

  • Elias Davidsson

    Dear Sentletse,

    I greatly appreciate your article. As an author of the book “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11″ (Algora Publishers, New York, 2013), I have demonstrated that this mass murder had nothing to do with Muslims, Islamists, Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden. The legend is a lie from A to Z.

    The U.S. and its allies need an enemy to justify foreign wars and domestic mass surveillance of the population. After the demise of the Soviet bloc, a new enemy was needed. That enemy was manufactured in the guise of a global Islamic terrorist conspiracy. That trick was played in the 30s by the Nazi regime which manufactured the Jewish global conspiracy to justify the discrimination and extermination of Jews. The same method is today used against Muslims, of whom more than a million have already been killed by the West (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia…). Apparently the West is not satisfied and wishes also the blood of Iranians. We need to expose both these policies and the underlying deception.