Sentletse Diakanyo
Sentletse Diakanyo

We are not all Africans, black people are!

Henry Ford once said, “You can have any colour as long as it is black”. Similarly, native inhabitants of Africa say, “You can be an African in any colour as long as he is black.” There has been a sudden demand for an African to come in a variety of colours. During days of slavery when an African was a commodity traded over the counter, there was never a demand for him in any colour but black. There is now an attempt in the 21st century to redefine the colour scheme of an African. Whites want to be classified as African.

Whites have been relentless in their attempts at historical revisionism in respect of the definition of “African” since the 1994 democratic dispensation, and their efforts appeared to have intensified after the collective hoorah of reconciliation had dissipated. Historical revisionism is generally a legitimate re-evaluation of existing understanding and knowledge of particular historical aspects in order to correct any distortions; but there are also those with deliberate motives to revise history in order to mislead or reflect them in favourable light.

Historically, the term “African” never had any ambiguous meaning. To Africans today it still does not have any ambiguous meaning. Africans across the continent and in the diaspora have long understood its meaning to refer to them as black people. African leaders from all walks of life who waged a relentless struggle against the thuggery of colonialism in the continent, were of one mind with regard to who Africans were. The fight against colonialism was to liberate Africans from the thuggery visited upon them by Europeans who had arrogated to themselves the power to rule with brute force and dominate vast territories of the African continent.

When both Arabs and Europeans enslaved Africans and traded them as disposable commodities there was never any misunderstanding with regard to who Africans were. These were native inhabitants of Africa who were regarded as sub-human, and even “savages and barbarians”, as the British warlord Winston Churchill perceived them. These are people who in historical texts have been described as “African slaves”. Neither Arabs nor European slave-masters ever imagined themselves as Africans. When an order for an African slave arrived, it was clear that it was a commoditised black person who needed to be captured and a price put on his head.

On the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as the first democratically elected president of the Republic of South Africa, he said: “The South Africa we have struggled for, in which all our people, be they African, coloured, Indian or white, regard themselves as citizens of one nation is at hand.”

Mandela, too, understood the true meaning of the term “African”. He knew that the term “African” referred to black people of this continent; that black South Africans were the Africans.

When Thabo Mbeki stood before the National Assembly on the adoption of the Constitution of South Africa and proclaimed himself an African during his seminal speech, he said: “I am formed of the migrants who left Europe to find a new home on our native land. Whatever their own actions, they remain still, part of me. In my veins courses the blood of the Malay slaves who came from the East. Their proud dignity informs my bearing, their culture a part of my essence. The stripes they bore on their bodies from the lash of the slave master are a reminder embossed on my consciousness of what should not be done.”

Mbeki recognised and acknowledged that other cultures and the acquired knowledge of the history of various races had shaped his being and person as an African. The speech has been misinterpreted for social expediency by some to mean that all who live on the continent are Africans.

“The African is conditioned, by cultural and social institutions of centuries, to a freedom of which Europe has little conception, and it is not in his nature to accept serfdom forever.” These are the words of Jomo Kenyatta, first president of Kenya, from the conclusion to his book Facing Mount Kenya in 1938. Kenyatta, too, does not appear to have suffered from the illusion that the term “African” referred to anybody else other than native inhabitants of Africa — the black people.

The rise of Pan-Africanism in the 1920s was a consequence of the need by African intellectuals to challenge white supremacy, to defeat the absurd notion that Africans were inferior to whites and to agitate the African diaspora towards unity with the rest of Africans. The fifth Pan-African Congress that was held in Manchester in 1945 was meant to galvanise Africans against colonial rule and promote self-pride among Africans.

It was in all probability this congress, which was attended by Kenyatta, WEB Du Bois, George Padmore, Kwame Nkrumah, among others, that set the wheels of decolonialisation of Africa and the British West Indies in motion. There was a determination of purpose and single-mindedness of who an African was within the context of Pan-Africanism. Progenitors of colonialisation and their descendants were never seen or imagined as African. They themselves did not imagine themselves as African.

Marcus Garvey famously agitated the conscience of the African diaspora when he advocated for the return of Africans to Africa. Garvey was not inviting the mass exodus of Europeans to Africa. Each understood that by African, Garvey was making an impassioned plea to black people to return home to Africa and rebuild it into what it should be for themselves. Ironically, Du Bois was one of those Africans in the diaspora who opposed Garvey’s plan for the return of all Africans to Africa; but in his old-age he relocated to Ghana on the invitation of Nkrumah, were he died.

Our historical revisionists who want to be reclassified as Africans and no longer as Europeans or white, tend to look north at Arab countries and claim, in their state of bewilderment, that Arabs are Africans, therefore, they too have the right to proclaim themselves African. Perhaps it is the lack of historical knowledge that leads some to conclude that Arabs are Africans. The term “Arab” denote the racial identity of people from the Arabian Peninsula who conquered Egypt (then part of the Byzantine Empire) and Libya in the AD 600s and ended up controlling much of the northern part of Africa, including Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. Therefore, Arabs are not Africans.

The historical revisionism by whites becomes even more troubled given the recent archaeological evidence that appear to challenge long-held view that Africa is the cradle of mankind. Palaeontologists have recently unearthed the oldest human fossil in China, which is said to be 60 000 years older than the next oldest Homo Sapiens remains. According to these palaeontologists, their discovery suggests that anatomically modern humans had arrived in China long before the species began acting human.

Popular theory among whites has been that their ancient ancestors came from Africa. However, palaeontologists after an analysis of more than 5 000 ancient teeth, concluded that first Europeans were from Asia, not Africa. This discovery reconciles with the discovery of the oldest human fossil in China, that whites have no direct ancestral lineage to Africa. Even when we disregard the pattern of migration of hominids from Africa to Europe and Asia; we can conclude that there was no species of mankind that evolved in Africa from hominids into whites, who then migrated and settled in Europe. The true origin of whites according to archaeology was elsewhere, not in Africa. Given this history, it would make much more sense for whites to want to be reclassified as Chinese.

While ancient and recent history confirms that whites are not Africans; the notion that they are persists, primarily born from the lack of distinction between racial and national identity. Europeans who migrated and settled Africa through naturalisation assumed the national identity of countries in which they adopted as their own. Their descendants in later generations through birth assumed the national identity of those countries, not the racial identity as Africans. They remained whites or Europeans, as oppressors of Africans saw themselves. No white person can either through birth or naturalisation assume an identity of African. African is not and has never been a national identity. Nowhere does a country called Africa exist.

Whites who had lived in South Africa for countless generations, now after many years of considering themselves Europeans during the apartheid years, proclaim themselves Africans. When white Afrikaner supremacists had signs saying “Europeans” and “Non-Europeans” to enforce segregation between Africans and Europeans, there was never any ambiguity around the term “European”. Almost all whites understood themselves to be Europeans, other than the few who stood on the side of Africans to fight for the abolishment of segregation laws and emancipation of the oppressed people.

It is puzzling that whites readily accept African languages to be exclusively those commonly known as black languages; yet they cannot accept that the description “African” exclusively refers to Black people. The notion that Afrikaans is an African language is as ridiculous as any claim to Africanism by the progeny of European settlers. Afrikaans by its origin is bastardised Dutch and as some say, “another form of Fanagalo”. It is not an African language in the same manner that Arabic-dialect in Egypt is not an African language.

If this historical revisionism is to continue, soon whites would find the racial identity as African not enough, and proclaim themselves “black” and accuse those who refuse to recognise them as such to be racist and intolerant. Hopefully sense will prevail with regard to the contested description of African and we would never reach such point of racial absurdity. I have generally understood whites in South Africa to be opposed to name-changes. They have lambasted the ANC when it embarked on a name-changing adventure. It seems a bit hypocritical of them that they want to change their racial description and assume a new identity. This quest for blackness can be readily achieved through simple process of sun-tanning; though perfect results cannot be guaranteed. There is an increased risk of turning orange than black, as Debora Patta has learned.

The need for belonging is well understood and appreciated. Africans embrace other races as their fellow countrymen, whether white, Indian or Chinese; in the hope for unity under one flag, for the betterment of the country we all live in and embrace as our own. Africa is for all who live in it, African, Indian, Chinese, Arab, etc. Perhaps Africans should embark on a countrywide hug-giving exercise to reassure their white compatriots that they too belong in Africa, in any colour but black.


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    • frederic

      Eish! I can see this writing has created a bit of concern. When I see how critical people are to Africans, I am surprised to see how many want to be called “African”. I agree with the writer when he says that an African is a black person. He will be a person born from an African culture, including African ancestors, talking an African language, having an African philosophy and even an African religion, play African music etc. I think that a person corresponding to such a description can only be a black person.
      I can claim to be a citizen of a South African, but not to be an African, because I don’t fit to any of he above criteria. Yet, it doesn’t stop me to feel free to visit my African friends where they stay and to court African ladies when I find them beautiful. We could do like the Americans, who have “African-Americans” say “European-Africans”.
      Guys the way the world goes, it doesn’t matter a bit, because the trend is to globalize. Sadly, one looses his identity in the name of globalization anyway.

    • http://none nyla

      Just because you are born in Africa that does not make you African. It just means you were a white boy born in Africa. Just like me being born in America, does not make me an American. It was by force not choice. Just like your white family force their way into Africa and now call themselves African. If want they name Africa, keep it like the article said it’s an ambiguous name. If the African change their names to dog poo I guest you’ll do that too. You only claim it because you can’t trace your own heritage…try outter space.

    • Terri

      You got you’re stuff wrong on somethings. You leave out alot about the east side of the african continent.One, arabs were not around til blacks had whites as slaves for over 1000years. They married the slaves also. There werent different races back in that period. Other races are mutations from blacks from that time period.

      Most left and moved all over the world, the continents that are around now. Weren’t always the same way as they are now. If you didn’t know this, they still have these mutations til this day. Some pure black african, have white children. One family had one a year or two ago a boy.

      You should even know this by animals history. They moved from area’s and mutated to survive. All the stuff im saying is from what I learned in school.

    • Jeremia

      Africans are those who regards Africa as their first and last home, who pledges their allegiance and loyalty to Africa and through their work and efforts they strive to the development of Africa, its people and the generations to come.

    • ayui

      this is very true African does mean black. the goverment in America is mostly white,nd they reconize this, on an African- Americans drivers licens it ittefies black people nd black people only As AFRICAN american male/female. on a white persons licens is say’s caucasian male/female. no it is not reconized that the term African has multiple international meaning,rather it is reconized that the black man has an identity his not a nigger he is African, white people have an identity to there europian. as well as chinese, korean ETC. not that race matters, it just the fact at hand; everybody are human beings with there on identity!

    • Barry Thord-Gray

      No, you’re wrong. I’m white and I’m an African.

      No, I’m not black but I’m still an African.

      Like it or not, I’m a real African.

      So What?

    • Barry Thord-Gray

      How about:

      I am South African therefore I am African.

      No matter what Peter Tosh said 😛

      Go figure

    • ayui

      sorry white people will never be african, cuz african means black. peace

    • Barry Thord-Gray

      Sorry for what? Being delusional?

      Well, White Africans will never be black but they are already African so dream on…

      Which part of “I am South African therefore I am African” don’t you understand?

      Peace of what?

    • ayui

      you people stole are land from us, stole are recources, but you will not still are identity!

    • Barry

      Umm? I have an identity @ayui, ie. Swedish. It doesn’t change the fact that I was born in South Africa and therefore “I am an African”. It’s a simple reality.

      Get used to it Sir or get a basic education, it will surely help you.

    • Barry

      ayui, you should find out in history whether your ancestors stole land or not from other human beings before making wild accusations, because I despise hypocrisy.

      Here I am trying to talk to you as an individual and here you are making mass generalizations talking to me as if I’m “the white man” itself.

      Try get a life bro, it helps

    • nicola

      The term “Ethiopian” represented black peopl
      Back when the entire continent was called Ethiopia.
      We black people have been called “Kaffir” ,”nigger”, “coloured”
      “Negro” Africa as the great continent is called today is the land
      Of our ancesteral origin so the term”African” should only describe us!

    • Zezezi

      Yes know matter how hard you piss and wine the fact remains that African refers to black people, black people were in Africa long before whites even knew Africa existed. Then you people came to are continent and stole are farms burned are houses so you can create colonies for yourself and call it your land, and you refered to Africans as savages and niggers and kiffers and Negroes, then you told the Africans were they could and could not live on there own continent, now you want to be classified as Africans after what you did to us that is hilarious, you even caused Africans to turn against each other funny, black people all over the world recognize that African refers to them, Africans on the continent and the in the diaspora. Therefore African describes black people only, asante ndugu yangu!

    • Feroeia

      Africa is the homeland of all black people, from Egypt to South Africa, black people were the first to occupy the whole continent of Africa,not just west Africa as whites try to tell us. It is scientifically and historically proven that this is a fact, the Arabs conquered north Africa from the Africans,in the 7th century, the Europeans took central and southern Africa in the 16th century, and left the natives homeless and treated them like animals and caged them and shipped them to the America’s to be treated like cattle. Now after all of that and the racial separation of the apartheid era, not allowing black people or Africans to live or go wherever they want or needed to go on there own continent. Now your trying to erase are history, and steal are identity as Africans, telling us were we are aloud and not aloud to live and go on are own land. Africa will always be the homeland of black people through out the world, no matter how whites try to wipe out are history to satisfy there own hipobodemy desires.

    • Barry

      I may not be “African” but I was born in Africa and live in Africa…

      Therefore, “I am from Africa”. Go figure?

      But more importantly

      SO WHAT?

    • iam

      I’m not sorry fellow Africans but your non-theory is greatly flawed, possibly as a result of acquired prejudices you you undoubtedly possess, I’m not surprised to be honest. An unfortunate side effect of being “human”.

      About 300 million years ago, Africa was a supercontinent, named “Pangaea” – which began to separate around 200 million years ago.

      In reality we are all Africans, like it or not. :)

      I’m a so called “white”, BUT I prefer to be called an earthling, just like every other living creature, plants and animals.

      I love Africa as a continent. It’s a beautiful magical place.

      Sala Kahle

    • Ereaini

      @iam…..obviously you came here on another boat, but your philosophies are somewhat true, we are all human beings. But I do believe the correct name is pengea, not pangaea, ok! And are argument is not a theory whether you like it or not it’s a proven fact. And if you love Africa so much why do you treat black people like crap? Have you forgot that in Africa 800,796,999 out of 1,124,000,000 are black people. And you may think we are racist and we’re living in the past, but the fact is racism started in South Africa when the British and the dutch created the little apartheid law, stating were Africans and whites are aloud and not aloud to live or go in south Africa. Well actually it started when the Europeans first came to Africa, but apartheid is the most notable incident. Anyway, Africans were treated like sh!t on there own land because they were black. They were forced out of there homes there villages there farms, because they were black. And today there is still places in SA were whites won’t let Africans live or work. And you want to talk about prejudice. Come on dude, get a life!

    • Aanziya

      @barry why are you getting angry, you was born on are continent, not in wt world. Whether yawww like it or not get over it, this is Africa not Europe. Do the math dude!

    • Joouwi

      @iam how is are argument a flaw when it’s a fact ? Think before you talk man, your not in Europe!

    • iamiam

      You are brainwashed by generations of conditioning. I understand where your prejudices come from. The good news is that you’re not alone. Most people accept societal norms and live by them. God Bless

    • Maimba

      Why do white people in Africa think they are Africans just because there born in Africa? White people only been in Africa for 400 years, and black people been in Africa for 6,000 years, yet white people get to call themselves Africans, but when Africans or black people born in the America’s or in Europe get treated like crap and called niggers and coloreds and monkey’s and gigabus? How’s is this possibly fare to everyone? When black people’s identity is Almost wiped out and replace with other names but Africans? The name black people were originally called.

    • Kisi

      Why are white people in Africa so brainwashed to the extent that they really think they are Africans? When whites first came to Africa black people were already here.

    • Lanizi

      White people steal Africa from black people, create there own laws on are land, telling us were we cannot live on are own dam continent, treat us black people like we’re Animals, they try to erase are history, or rearrange it to suit themselves, they lie and said they Arrived in south Africa at the same time as Africans, although there’s prove that black people were already in south Africa before the Europeans came, now they try to make the term African a title,instead of an Ethnicity or a nationality to suit themselves again, some blacks have been trained to believe the white man’s version of reality,they were taught that white people were better than Everybody else, rather than taught Everybody has his or her own Ethnicity and nationality witch contributes to gods Earth and universe.

    • Mwepi

      White people my be born on are continent, but the fact remains that at first white people called us real Africans animal’s ,they forced us to be slaves in the America’s, they invaded are continent, burned down are homes, killed are family member’s, and now they want us to accept them and classify them as Africans even though white people disrespected us and still are on are own continent. At first they were happy calling themselves Europeans, now they want to be classified as Africans witch means brown/black people, when Africa was called ethiopia, it never changed. White people are not Africans, and they never will be.

    • Quakouman

      @ my fellow African brothers and sisters, I feel your sense of pride for being African. Why has being an African become an issue when the fact is obvious. An African is a descendant from the ethnic groups of Africa whom the same European politically classified as black.If Europeans claim to be African today, from which African ethnic group do they descend. No matter how they try to justify themselves to be considered as African, they will never be African. It is immaterial if you have born in Africa or your ancestors have lived in Africa for 400 years. I will never become an Arab if I were born in Saudi Arabia or an Indian, if I were born in India or hold nationalities of these countries. African remains our identity which cannot be stolen from us as you did to our dignity. I applaud the writer hereof for pointing out these facts which must be read and understood by every European settler on the African continent. Africa is always easy to manipulate from the European perspective. Ask them brothers and sisters to go to China and claim the Chinese heritage because they were born in China or become Asians because they were born in Asia. I pity them because no matter how they try to identify themselves as Africans, no one will ever agree with them for being African remains our heritage which even the dynamics of this world and manipulative attitudes of Europeans cannot amend.

    • Ounai

      If white people can be Africans can Africans be white?

    • Barry

      Of course Ounai.
      Albinos are white, isn’t?
      Are they not African?

    • son of africa

      we are not african cox we are born in africa, we are african cox africa is born in us. no matter how long a long of wood stays in d water ,it will never become cocrodile.God bless Africa.

    • cameasi

      If a white person is born in africa it doesn’t make him/her african. just like if a african is born in india it doesn’t make him indian, they may be citizens but there not of NATIVE origin. there’s a big difference between being a NATIVE or being a citizen i.e birth or imagration. i’m african my wife is african, my son was born in japan will he automaticlly become a japanese? will the NATIVE japanese Exept him as such? idk. but if they do or not my son remains AFRICAN because that’s were his origins are in AFRICA. have a nice day!!!

    • D

      I bet black people in Europe will tell you that they are European. It’s an identity thing not a heritage thing. And what about black Americans? They call themselves African AMERICANS. Does that make me a European South African? That’s fine by me but I am certainly not European, I’ve been there once in my life.

      If I had been born in India as an 8th generation Indian, i would definitely call myself Indian. It’s basically what nationality one identifies with, you cannot claim a nationality for one race. If I had a child with a black person, what would that child be ‘allowed’ to claim as her identity? Could he/she be considered African?

    • thabang

      I think we should accomodate people,nothing is fixed no more ,white,indian or whatever race that is born on the continent has every right to claim to be other thing slavery was also practised within black people.our forefathers would own slave,the asante kingdom even sold black slaves to europeans…so let’s not forget parts of history we are not comfortable with.I believe the fact that people choose to see themselves as Africans is a positive thing that needs to be encouraged

    • Tshepo

      This argument is so flawed. Therefore, white people in the USA are not America. Why? Because the native and indigenous people of the United States are native Americans. Then, no African in the US and Europe can be defined as “European” or “American” even though they have been apart of that culture and national demographic over the last 10 generations? Is this what you are saying? Apartheid has come and gone and so has colonization. Why is it necessary to substantiate your argument on that? If that’s how you set precendents for your argument, we can argue that Southern Africans such as Zulus, Swazi’s (btw I’m Swazi) etc are not purely southern African as they originate from East Africa and came here and displaced the natives (Khoi-San) as well as that we as blacks denounce slavery like it was always white people in slavish black people. Yes? No, black people inslaved one another too as tribes would capture members of other tribes and compel them to work. White people enslaved other white people to from ancient Roman times to more recent historical periods. White peasants existed. Infact it is known that West African kings would sell their own people who were at the foot of society to white colonialists in exchange for western technology.

      To say someone is not African purely on the basis of their skin colour is as ignorant as being racist itself. I am black, but I am African as this is my identity, and if it is yours too, regardless of skin colour, you are an…

    • Natatia

      Tshepo # wins this debate1-0. Disappointing and certainly flawed argument by Sentletse.

    • Gonegone

      Really? Doesn’t bother me that “black” Africans want the exclusitivity of the term. What bothers me is people need to classify “white” Africans as Europeans…

      Love it or hate it, the only thing this person whos mother bled her “european” blood on this soil to birth myself has in common with Europe is that blood.

      You can fight, rage, blame me all you want for my skin colour, and classify me as something i am not, but the fact of the matter is: my blood may be european but the heart that pumps it is not, the body it sustains is not, and no matter which way you skew it. Africa is in me and i am Africa.

    • Ofentse

      When I call someone a caucasian, there will be no doubt who I am referring to. Just like the term “African”, the name “Caucasian” denotes an identity and refers to the location of that identity. There should be no doubt of what the name African means. Africans are the native inhabitants of Africa and the descendants of these native inhabitants. So for example, Coloured people can be classified as Africans because they’re descendants of Africans but not Whites. White people are Caucasioan inhabitants of Africa. White people living are South Africa are then South African Caucasians. A White South African cannot go to the USA and claim to be African American. The word African denotes racial identity as much as the word Caucasian.

      I’m not is saying White people do not belong in Africa as many of the love this place and made it their home, but let’s not get identities twisted just for sentimental purposes and political correctness.

    • George

      Wow. Have you never studied or even heard of evolution? Have you never heard of the Human Genome Project? Recent DNA results are very clear. It is a full record of our past in a sense. A record of our human evolutionary history. All people come from Africa. This is not a theory. It is a scientific fact, All of humanity spent most of their existence in Africa. Only in the (recent evolutionary past) did humanity move to other continents such as Asia and Europe. We (all humans on planet earth) come from East Africa. Or at least all of our human ancestors do. (This fact comes not only from fossils, but MOST IMPORTANTLY from modern DNA comparisons). It is not a matter of choice. It is not a matter of a desire, or what we want to be called. It is a matter of scientific facts. Just as the fact that we are all (like it or not) descended from apes. Regardless of what we choose to call ourselves.
      However, what this article suggests is that different races on planet earth are different human species, which if you ask any biologist or evolutionary scientist, will tell you that it is completely WRONG. We are all modern humans, while all the other human species such as Neanderthals went extinct.
      I am just amazed at how people still feel the need to label themselves and label other people even in this day and age. Isn’t it time we all just call ourselves people and nothing else? Isn’t it time we stop classifying and labeling each other in this modern civilized world and age of…

    • Sannie

      I would also like to add to his debate. I am a white South-African and do regard myself as a afrikaner, South-African and a african. I have never thought of myself as European at all even though I know that I have European blood and genes in me. I identify myself as a african. To me is all about identiy and not the skin. I have read a lost of the comments here and everyone argues skin colour or ancestor . To have a ancestor 400 ago in SA does not matter for most of you, No you want to go back even further.Only a few people here argued with sense, that is Thabang, D, Tshepo, Gonegone and George. The rest off you are full of hatred towards the whites in general. Most of the Europeans were immigrants and not all were colonizers. And for that one person who said that Colourd people ancestors are from africa, well that is incorrect as the colourds are a combination of white, San, Griqua, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian malay.Furthmore I agree wholehartedly with Tshepo “so say some-one is not “African” purely on the basis of their skin colour is as ignorant as being racist itself! To me every ethnic group is special and one should be proud on being a zulu or afrikaner. To put the blame of what happened hundreds of years ago in Africa on all white people is unfair. We afrikaners hate what the Brits did to us and our language many years ago but I know we can not hate all Brits off what their ancestors or forefathers did many years ago. Same is in the rest of this world.

    • dean

      pffft this articles is pathetic, funny how it fails to mention that us africans were at root level enslaved by our own fellow africans. neighbouring tribes attacked rival tribes and then cpatured them as slaves, either selling them to the arabs who then sold them on to europeans or selling to ythe eureopeans thremselves. dont deny the problems our continent has gone through

    • http://[email protected] pholoso

      i am an African , becuz im black , i am an African original, i may have born in Miami Florida , but still i am an AFRICAN AND American will be the last cuz thats where my born, whites are African if they were born in Africa but……………………the fact is they are europens

    • ALGERIAboy

      i’m a black north African, even here in Algeria European migrants won’t to be classified as African. my brother is half African- half Afro-Arab, he moved to the united kingdom he applied to became a citizen then they told him to go back to Africa. now white people in Africa want to be classified as Africans but when Africans go to Europe they tell us to go back home. so is it fair that Europeans can be Africans but Africans can’t be Europeans? he even studied the NATIVE culture to go to the uk, and they forced him to pack up and go back to Africa. but in south Africa is a different story, white people can be Africans And Africans are just called BLACK, and you have some Africans who are happy to just be called black like there some kind of cheap material objects. while whites live in luxry and most Africans live in shanty towns. so white people tell us if it’s fair for most black people to be treated like dirt in EUROPE while at the same time most whites live in luxury in Africa? talk a

    • Interesting

      Even today…. we are nothing… we are fading y’all….
      Why does it seem we are fading…. we are losing our identity….

    • Reaper

      Why can’t all of us just live together in peace, yes I am white, yes I have many friends with a different skin colour. We are all the same and you have no right to say us “whites” can not be called African’s. I am from South Africa so therefore I am a South African/African. You need to stop brainwashing this generation. We are all living together in peace, hell we are all suffering from the goverment that steals/wastes our money. The goverment does not care about anyone but themselves and how to get rich quickly. Just suck it up buddy, if anyone is born in Africa, even if you’re pink/purple etc you will be classified as a African! Even animals are eg, African Lion, African Elephant etc.

    • kage

      I find it funny white people who live in Africa would assume they are African yet here in America they were telling us years to go back where we came from. You white people are nowhere near African. African is a race of people not just someone who were born there. You have no African blood you are EUROPEAN if anything. If your decendants were from China, Korean, or Japan would you be Chinese, Korean or Japanese? No so what makes you think just because you bullied your way into Africa means you’re African?

    • Warren

      I find it funny that color is so important. We all live in South Africa, we should all be the children of the Lord, following God’s laws and making peace.

      Why does everyone want to keep fighting each other, apartheid was support to be done and dusted, but it’s just being reversed now

    • Tumo

      In Australia, Australians are referred to as Aborigine by the Europeans and Europeans are calling themselves Australians.
      In America, Americans are referred to as Red or Red Indians by the Europeans and Europeans are calling themselves Americans.
      Now in Africa, Africans are referred to as Blacks by the Europeans (sadly so by Africans themselves) and Europeans want to be called Africans.

      Africans it is time to wake up and stop calling ourselves ‘Blacks’ but Africans that we are.

    • Amanda Watson

      Except that Africa, as the author points out, is a continent.

      Our race, therefore is not African, . Our race is Zulu or Xhosa or Caucasian, not black or white.

      How does a colour become a race?

    • tn

      First, North Africans are not Arabs — even if they speak some sort of arabic, they are Berbers and indigenous to that region. Second, Africa was the name of Tunisia. Only later it gave its name to the whole continent . So who is the African now ? LOL

    • Sini

      White people did not want to be African twenty years ago but now ALL OF A SUDDEN they want to be African? Thing is with white people they like claiming everything. Africa is not yours, it is for the black. You cannot trace your lineage to Africa but you want to be called African. In the years when we were oppressed you never called yourselves African, you knew the difference between white and African, why then do you suddenly want to be called an African?

    • Tumo

      How does a color become a race?
      Europeans are not WHITE as Africans are not BLACK.
      What is white about Europeans? because even most Japanese are more lighter skinned than Europeans, why not call them white?
      The color scheme was all a racist attack to Africans by the Europeans to impose the ideology that Africans will never be equal to or be the same as Europeans…since BLACK IS CONSIDERED THE OPPOSITE OF WHITE.

      The same reason that they now loath to admit that Africans are Africans.