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The blame game

By Lethukuthula Mxolisi Kheswa

In all major setbacks, be they political, social or racial, there’s a dominating need to look around for the weak link to place the blame on. We’ve seen it countless times. Blame the bank for charging high fees, blame the government for failing to deliver, blame the principals for not enforcing stricter measures and, and, and. Why not step out of the box for a second and re-phrase — blame yourself for not contributing towards a feasible solution.

Ever looked at the guy who sells tomatoes on the side of the street? What sets him apart from the millions that continue to roll under their covers, way into the heat of the day? Upon finally waking they rendezvous with like-minded neighbours at the most informal but highly celebrated meeting area, the fence, and discuss how the government needs to give more grants, create more jobs, line up more free houses. Believe me, I’m all for people receiving help but I get nauseous as I write this because they are often capable individuals.

The poor guy who wakes up in the morning and prudently puts his merchandise together, he too has a lot to say about living in a country that still struggles to offer fair advantage to all. But instead of wishing his life away on the prospects of a Utopia he chooses the pragmatic way out.

I know you raised your voice about something that didn’t sit well with you one day but after that, what did you do about it? Do you find it easier to lift up your finger in blame? Or are you part of the few that take a moment and dare to stretch out an arm in assistance? The South Africa we wish for isn’t found in the clutches of the government or any other institution, organisation or movement, it’s still rooted in the very minds of the people.

So you’ve pointed fingers and made a whole lot of noise about gender inequality in the workplace. Then what? Why not focus that energy on doing what you do exceptionally well and earn the recognition? Serve your country mates this way rather than commiserate with them about the injustices and then go back and do nothing about it? And what about the race issue? How much longer will we expect the powers that rule the country to grant leverage of one race over the other? Will that not be prejudicing one party over the other with time and walking right back into the social ruin we think we are walking away from?

Lethukuthula Mxolisi Kheswa is a property broker and part-time accounting student.

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    • Nazareen

      Awesome read! Well done!!! ~Nazareen

    • Momma Cyndi

      Why do we have a government? Even the anonymous author of this seems to feel that they are completely incompetent and we should be doing everything ourselves.

      The vast majority of people that I know are involved in some form of social and/or charitable cause. How much more could we all do if we didn’t waste our valuable resources on the parasites in the various governmental departments? Can you just imagine how much more I could do for the Autism Association or the Chrysalis Program if 45% of my time and money didn’t go to a government who doesn’t care about any of those children?

      Currently, the middle class is expected to pay double for everything and now they are expected to DO everything. I’m expected to pay taxes and then pay for everything that those taxes don’t give me (security, schooling, medical etc). Now I’m expected to create jobs, be a teacher, be a doctor, fix the social ills and build people houses. How much free time does everyone think that I have ?!?!

      Now, apparently, not being happy about being bled dry by SARS whilst being expected to do the government’s job for them, is a crime. Go figure!

    • greatgodpan

      lets face it the govt is hopeless and cannot provide jobs,houses etc for everyone…..they have made enemises of bussiness and work against bussiness who are the only ones that can create some jobs…note some jobs…as for the rest south africans are going to have to get ingenious and productive and create their own universe……..the first clever move south africans make will be to get rid of this ridiculous government and next get rid of the century old outdated european marxist revolutionary rhetoric………..until this happens south sfrica stands still or goes backwards………..

    • Granny Weatherwax

      Thank you! The best ‘thought leader’ I have read so far!