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William Saunderson-Meyer

Time to ditch SA’s failed Moral Regeneration Movement

Universal brotherhood. World peace. Nuclear disarmament. And to this beseech-the-fairies wish list of above, you can add the concept of moral re-armament in South Africa. All laudable but irretrievably doomed objectives. What brought this to mind was the weekend speech by Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor, in which she noted that assassinated SA Communist…

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Reader Blog

Time for Zuma to go

By Motsumi Maubane The perception that the Gupta family has a hold on President Jacob Zuma, in my mind, constitutes high treason and a serious threat to our national security for this would compromise our constitutional democracy and sovereignty of our South African state. Essentially it would mean the family has usurped executive authority from…

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Reader Blog

New Boks coach Allister Coetzee has most definitely earned a shot at the job

By Dhirshan Gobind The official unveiling of Allister Coetzee as the new Springbok coach was met, unsurprisingly, with mixed reactions from the public and rugby fraternity at large. It was probably the worst-kept secret in rugby circles as most fans already knew exactly who will be named as the Bok head-honcho — weeks before Coetzee’s…

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Kagure Mugo

Do you need to own a vagina to write the manual for it?

I am in my late twenties which means a number of things. The first, an increase in pregnancies. The second, an increase in sexual awareness among female friends and family. The third is doing squats before it’s too late and my hind quarters can no longer be saved. Bar the last one this list involves…

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Suntosh Pillay

Why it doesn’t matter if Zuma reads our letter

Thirteen of us wrote an open letter to President Jacob Zuma last week asking him to resign. It was first published on The Daily Vox, and then republished just about everywhere. Did he read it? I doubt it. Do we care? Not really. I’m being glib, but I was asked by print and radio journalists…

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Thabang Motsohi

What’s needed to lift investor confidence

South Africa faces a perilous and uncertain future because of stagnant growth, policy uncertainty and ideological gridlock, high unemployment, inequality and poverty. Social tension is very high as indicated by a high frequency of service-delivery protests across the country and an increasing level of anti-social behaviour that morphs into the current high-crime rate. The frequent…

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Melo Magolego

Zuma-Concourt saga: Constitutionalism (Episode IV)

The widespread use of the phrase “a victory of democracy”, when referring to the Constitutional Court Nkandla ruling, is a disservice to South Africa. Words have the power to shine light on a meaning. Words have the power to marginalise. The choice of the word democracy in this instance is not a trivial matter because…

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