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Thabang Motsohi

Balance of power contests are driving violent community protests

As a society we must all resist and reject the temptation to accept that the violent protests and political killings that seem to occur all the time during the local election years is the new normal. It should not be! The time has come to take responsibility, show leadership and engage through all our stakeholder…

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Mandela Rhodes Scholars

Brexit: Should ‘ordinary people’ be taking a decision as big as this?

By Abigail McDougall Between last night and this morning an “I’m in for Britain” poster popped up in the window of my upper-middle-class neighbours. This display of support for Remain is rather gutsy for Kenilworth, Warwickshire, where Leave posters are in many windows and I’ve had Leave propaganda raining through my mailbox for weeks. It…

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Kagure Mugo

Should women simply put down a towel during their period and have sex?

Full disclosure: My period has been whack in 2016. It’s been a gauge for stress levels, fitness and how much I’m liking what is happening on the news. Basically it’s been a mess. Further full disclosure: During a particularly stressful work time I had my period for three weeks. Let that sink in. Three weeks….

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Marcela Guerrero Casas

Super citizens and the art of improving civic behaviour

Cities, at least in the global South, seem to share something with adolescents; the potential for transformation is real and it drives a profound sense of power and ownership. However, very much like in our teenage years, change is only long-lasting if enough discipline and commitment are in place over the years. I am currently…

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Reader Blog

Black economic empowerment is not black economic empowerment

By Michael Nassen Smith The BEE drum has been beaten many times before on both the right and the left on South Africa’s political spectrum. A recent piece on PoliticsWeb penned by John Kane-Berman gave what has become a standard liberal right critique of BEE. I think Berman is right to bemoan the influence of…

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Marius Oosthuizen

It’s a simple choice: Are we going to make South Africa great?

Last week I wrote about racism in our public discourse and I was accused of merely describing the problem and negating the role of politics in fixing our economy. Well, here is a stab at a solution: – Every South African corporation with a national footprint should employ one intern aged 20-29 for every 10…

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William Saunderson-Meyer

The investigation into the ‘dangerous’ Mr Trollip

Economic desperation is never far below the surface in a country where unemployment, depending on how it is defined, is nudging remorselessly towards 40%. Like hunger in a predator, desperation defines the lives of the estimated 9 million looking for work. It causes teachers to kill rivals in competition for jobs being illegally auctioned off by…

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Mandla Lannga on Dare Not Linger with Mandela

Mandla Langa speaks about the writing process of Dare Not Linger and how Madiba's self-belief may have influenced the writting of the book.

'Resolutions that were taken reflected frustration with the previous president'

The secretary general of the ANC Gwede Mantashe speaks to the Mail & Guardian about the KZN killings, the SACP and the resiganation of Makhozi Khoza.