Miriam Mannak
Miriam Mannak

Hit me Doctor, one more time!

I love kids. I really do, and they seem to love me too. Therefore, one day, I hope to cough up some of my very own meenee-meehs. However, too much of one thing is never good for a person, and that definitely counts for mini humans. I therefore refuse to be a baby factory. I want two – max. Why? I’d like to keep my life and boobs life to myself a certain extent, thank you very much. Before you roll your eyes and prepare for the mother of all sighs: I know very well from my mommy friends what a difficult task this is, even with just one babatjie. I am however an ambitious chick with hopes and dreams so please don’t bash them.

So, if one’s social life, sex life, private (non-baby) life and boobs are taking strain because of just one screaming, pooping and puking tiny person, I don’t even want to start imagining what life is like with a litter of three or four or seven. I have got one word that comes to mind: Hell.

Some women obviously do not share my opinion. Take 33-year old Nadya Suleman from the United States. This back then mother of six, delivered a litter of eight babies in 2009. Eight. Insane? yes, especially when taken in consideration that the doctor who made sure Nadya feel pregnant is partially to blame for this freak of nature. Why? The doctor in question implanted twelve embryos into Nadya’s womb. Twelve! This while the limit is six.

I am baffled. I am. Not only because this doctor’s stupidity but because Madya already had six children. Which sane single woman – she does not have a partner – would want to have more than six children? Where will she put them? How will she feed them? How does she remember their names? Can you imagine the mountain of rubbish she’s responsible for? Newborns use between 5 and 8 nappies each and every day. Eight babies = between 40 and64 nappies each and every day. Personally, I think she should be subjected to paying some kind of a green tax to make up for it. If there is something that is not good to Miss Planet, it is disposable nappies. And the doctor, well, he should be paying too. Twelve embryos – what was he thinking?

Look, in the end everyone should do what ever they feel is good for them. If that includes producing a massive family: what ever. Be my guest. It your life and boobs and wallet, not mine. But this situation slightly touches on mad and unethical side. From an environmental and a medical (this simply cannot be healthy) point of view. Among other things.

  • http://www.beverleymerriman.com bevmerriman

    I wonder how fair that is towards the 14 children. Is it healthy growing up in a family of 14? It can’t be the best scenario.

  • Lentswe

    In my experiences, families of 4 to 6 children tended to be more happy and wholesome in the long run. Contrary to belief it is not difficult to raise more than 4 children because the older kids naturally also assist to raise the younger ones. In-fact by the time they are old enough to have their own kids they already know a bit about parenting.

    Families with 1 or 2 children while being easier to manage in the early years, tend to be stressful and unpredictable in later years. I think perhaps this is because the parents hold these few kids so precious, they usually inadvertently spoil and over-protect them. My partner, when she cannot get her way, will sometimes say “you want us to go to your parents so often because you know you’ve got siblings and I don’t have any!’.

    So while it may be well meaning for you to have your boobs intact and raise a single kid in absolute pomp, it would be a lonely world for me knowing I only have 1 brother or sister, or maybe none. (And BTW you don’t need more that 3 nappies/day for any baby).

  • http://thoughtleader.co.za/miriammannak Miriam Mannak

    I think that having six children and living with your parents, and then wanting another is a wee insane. Than allowing the doctor to implant 12 embryos, is absolutely nuts. That woman needs a check up, I think.
    Because how can a single mother be able to raise all these kids? hey, I am not saying a single woman is incapable of raising children on her own. Most of my female friends are doing it by themselves. But 14 kids? With one income? How is she going to make sure they all get what they deserve? Schooling, food, nappies, etc?

  • http://thoughtleader.co.za/miriammannak Miriam Mannak

    I think that there is a difference between 6 kids and 14 kids, let’s be honest. Especially if you have one single income. These days, kids are expensive – especially if you want to send them all to school.

    Secondly: I know that I won’t be able to handle more than 2 children. Having more would be selfish – as I know I would not be able to give them what they need.

    On a last note: I am an only child – my mother could not have more kids after me. I have never been lonely what so ever because I had loads of friends all the time.

  • Andrew

    Instead of burdening the planet with even more people, why did she not adopt a bunch of kids who really needed a loving home?

  • http://hardcopyink.com MLH

    There’s little difference between one and 15 if you are already depending on welfare…
    We had the sextuplets and they receive a whole lot free from companies wanting to promote their products.
    But yes, I’d have ten puppies if I could, but never a second child, love him as I do. Kids are really high maintenance.

  • MayaMaya

    Wow 14 kids is a bit insane. But having said that my mom came from a brood of 12, and my grandparents adopted another 2. I guess though that things were different then. Most of the girls, including my mom were forced to leave school early to help contribute to the family finances and look after the little ones. Most of them grew up to be relatively sane, contributing individuals though – there is the preacher man uncle and the aunty who has prophetic dreams and calls you at 7am on Sunday to tell you about it – but 2 loons out of 14 ain’t bad. Nostalgia aside though I think that in 2010 14 kids is a seriously bad idea. Schools are expensive, you can’t pay the attention that you need to them to help them become normal, well socialised individuals and asking/expecting the younger siblings to help with child rearing is selfish and unrealistic. What really gets to me about people who have broods of kids is that the tax payer inevitably ends up having to bear the burden of their choices. I don’t mind paying for childcare grants or more tax for better healthcare. I object to paying for your 5 kids coz you can’t afford them. Contraception is free in this country. At some point you need to take responsibility for your choices. If you can’t afford them then don’t have 5 or 10. Limiting childcare grants to 3 kids might help?

  • Andrew

    All logic would dictate that there should be some sort of population control. Unfortunately, people are not completely rational

  • Lucky Ntuli

    As my sister in law say “I love children, I just can’t finish one.”

  • hds

    Nadya Suleman is an extreme case though. The doctor broke protocol by implanting that many embryos and last I heard (which was a while ago, she hasn’t made headlines in a while–this was a big story maybe 2 years ago) was being investigated for it. Another problem is that while large families can work because, as someone noted, big ones help with little ones, in her case she sort of had them in litters–8 at one time, and the first six I think included at least one pair of multiples. So she has 14 youngsters under 7 years old.

    School fees are not an issue in the US where public schools are entirely free, but help with homework/projects/emotional support/food/clothing and all the intangibles would obviously be an issue. She had home aides provided by the state but kicked them out when they made some reports indicating she wasn’t taking proper care of the children. At least one of them is believed to be a special needs kid.

    Very sad, and I won’t be surprised if she ends up losing custody. Her own parents have thrown in the towel on her.

  • Rory Short

    Get real, we humans have already exceeded the carrying capacity of our planetary eco-systems. We have long past the point where it is neither fair on your fellows nor on the planet to do more than reproduce yourself, this means two child families, and when you have acheived this you should be sterilised.